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Comment Wave properties of people. (Score 1) 109

It's said the only atomic particles exhibit the wave/partial duality answer large objects like people not so much. But what if you aggregate all of positions of ones self across all universes. If a person is sitting in a chair in his bedroom in pn universe would he be sitting in the exact same chair in the same way in all others? Perhaps in some you are an inch to the left, in others across the room. And still ib other across town. Like an electron you exact position is not certain across all universes.

Comment Off-line voice recignition (Score 1) 309

I remember voice recognition was cool. Back in the early 90s I was messing around voice recognition in high school. It wasn't perfect but surely in the 2 decades CPUs have gotten fast enough with their dual cores and quad cores to handle voice without calling home. What happened?

Comment Beastie Boys Video Anthology (Score 1) 62

One of my favorite DVDs, not movies, has got to be Beastie Boys Video Anthology. It's one of the most feature rich DVDs that I own and if a group were to release a collection of videos this is how it should be done. Some of the video not only include multiple angles, but multiple remixes on the language tracks.

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