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Comment Re:That's okay. (Score 5, Informative) 262

My former boss used to refer to it as a hard drive and the CRT monitor was the computer. I upgraded it to a larger size and he asked if I had gotten a new computer. Most people I know seem to call any generic mp3 player an iPod. And before Android became a household name, every smartphone was an iPhone.

Comment Wave properties of people. (Score 1) 109

It's said the only atomic particles exhibit the wave/partial duality answer large objects like people not so much. But what if you aggregate all of positions of ones self across all universes. If a person is sitting in a chair in his bedroom in pn universe would he be sitting in the exact same chair in the same way in all others? Perhaps in some you are an inch to the left, in others across the room. And still ib other across town. Like an electron you exact position is not certain across all universes.

Comment iMac (Score 1) 116

I think it was Apple that started naming their products the same name. If I told you that a bought an iMac which one do you think i was refering to? The one from last year? From 5 years ago? The one from 15 years ago? All called iMac. even the "G3" ,"G4" and G5" are not officially part of the name.

Comment Beastie Boys Video Anthology (Score 1) 62

One of my favorite DVDs, not movies, has got to be Beastie Boys Video Anthology. It's one of the most feature rich DVDs that I own and if a group were to release a collection of videos this is how it should be done. Some of the video not only include multiple angles, but multiple remixes on the language tracks.

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