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Comment Re:Why sex is deemed not "pristine"? (Score 1) 370

discovered images of naked people doing less than pristine things

Sex act by itself is a part of nature.

Without sex acts, many higher form animals have no way to procreate.

When sex itself is deemed something that's not "pristine" something is very wrong - way beyond wrong .....

Depends on the Sex, was this Dr. Naughty and the night nurses porn? Or was this Midget Bondage tentacle Porn? a couple People doing the do is one thing but BDSM, Rape or other types of porn are something else.

Comment I will go one better (Score 1) 851

I save on my bill by simply not having a mobile phone. When I live my workplace i don't want to be bothered by work When I leave my home I want to get away from the phone. as far as other functionality that "Smart phones" bring If I need a map I use (wait for it) a Paper map! you can get nice State maps for free at state ran tourist info booths As far as browsing, email, calendering and all of these other features if I think I am going to need those while I am not close to my desk I grab my laptop bag I can do everything with it a smart phone can at a place with free wireless for the price of a cup of coffee and in the process have a Screen that is readable ad a useful keyboard.

Why Was Hypercard Killed? 392

theodp writes "Steve Jobs took the secret to his grave, but Stanislav Datskovskiy offers some interesting and illustrated speculation on why HyperCard had to die. 'Jobs was almost certainly familiar with HyperCard and its capabilities,' writes Datskovskiy. 'And he killed it anyway. Wouldn't you love to know why? Here's a clue: Apple never again brought to market anything resembling HyperCard. Despite frequent calls to do so. Despite a more-or-less guaranteed and lively market. And I will cautiously predict that it never will again. The reason for this is that HyperCard is an echo of a different world. One where the distinction between the "use" and "programming" of a computer has been weakened and awaits near-total erasure. A world where the personal computer is a mind-amplifier, and not merely an expensive video telephone. A world in which Apple's walled garden aesthetic has no place.' Slashdotters have bemoaned the loss of HyperCard over the past decade, but Datskovskiy ends his post on a keep-hope-alive note, saying: 'Contemplate the fact that what has been built once could probably be built again.' Where have you gone, Bill Atkinson, a nation of potential programmers turns its lonely eyes to you."

Google Throws /. Under Bus To Snag Patent 584

theodp writes "Before Danny Hillis and Bran Ferren invented Google's newly-patented system for 'Delegating Authority to Evaluate Content', Google says users looking for content evaluation websites were condemned to the likes of and Slashdot. From the patent: 'Many sites found on the World Wide Web allow users to evaluate content found within the site. The Slashdot Web site ( allows users to "mod" comments recently posted by other users. Based on this information obtained from the users, the system determines a numerical score for each comment ranging from 1 to 5.' The problem with sites like Slashdot, Google told the USPTO, is that 'because there is no restriction on the users that may participate, the reliability of the ratings is correspondingly diminished.' Commissioning a small number of trusted evaluators or editors would increase the reliability of the evaluations, Google notes, but wouldn't allow nearly as much content to be evaluated. Google's solution? Allow trusted evaluators to transfer a 'quantity of authority' to like-minded 'contributing authorities', who in turn designate and delegate authority to additional like-minded contributing authorities. Think Microsoft Outlook 97 Delegate Access meets Slashdot Karma Points, and you've got the general idea!"

Free Software Activists Take On Google Search 254

alphadogg writes "Free software activists have released a peer-to-peer search engine to take on Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. The free, distributed search engine, YaCy, takes a new approach to search. Rather than using a central server, its search results come from a network of independent 'peers,' users who have downloaded the YaCy software. The aim is that no single entity gets to decide what gets listed, or in which order results appear. 'Most of what we do on the Internet involves search. It's the vital link between us and the information we're looking for. For such an essential function, we cannot rely on a few large companies and compromise our privacy in the process,' said Michael Christen, YaCy's project leader."

Linux Mint 12 Released Today 396

An anonymous reader writes "Linux Mint 12 was released today. It includes the new 'MGSE' (Mint Gnome Shell Extensions), a desktop layer on top of Gnome 3 that makes it possible for you to use Gnome 3 in a traditional way. MGSE's Gnome-2-Like experience includes features such as the bottom panel, the application menu, the window list, a task-centric desktop and visible system tray icons. MGSE is a 180-degree turn from the desktop experience the Gnome Team is developing with Gnome-Shell. At the heart of the Gnome-Shell is a feature called 'the Overview': 'The Shell is designed in order to minimize distraction and interruption and to enable users to focus on the task at hand. A persistent window list or dock would interfere with this goal, serving as a constant temptation to switch focus. The separation of window switching functionality into the overview means that an effective solution to switching is provided when it is desired by the user, but that it is hidden from view when it is not necessary.' The popularity of Mint 12 with MGSE may be an excellent barometer as to whether users prefer a task-centric or application-centric desktop."

Comment Re:Not unless it changes a whole lot (Score 1) 591

choosing mainline Ubuntu is most of your problem if you would have went with one of the smaller Ubuntu derivitives such as Linux Mint you would have had the Java plug ins working at install In the mean time Ubuntu which was at one time one of the netter desktop distributions is quickly sliding down to the bottom of the barrel in terms of hardware support and usability. I now would not wish Ubuntu on my worst enemy.

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