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Comment Re:Why sex is deemed not "pristine"? (Score 1) 370 370

discovered images of naked people doing less than pristine things

Sex act by itself is a part of nature.

Without sex acts, many higher form animals have no way to procreate.

When sex itself is deemed something that's not "pristine" something is very wrong - way beyond wrong .....

Depends on the Sex, was this Dr. Naughty and the night nurses porn? Or was this Midget Bondage tentacle Porn? a couple People doing the do is one thing but BDSM, Rape or other types of porn are something else.

Comment I will go one better (Score 1) 851 851

I save on my bill by simply not having a mobile phone. When I live my workplace i don't want to be bothered by work When I leave my home I want to get away from the phone. as far as other functionality that "Smart phones" bring If I need a map I use (wait for it) a Paper map! you can get nice State maps for free at state ran tourist info booths As far as browsing, email, calendering and all of these other features if I think I am going to need those while I am not close to my desk I grab my laptop bag I can do everything with it a smart phone can at a place with free wireless for the price of a cup of coffee and in the process have a Screen that is readable ad a useful keyboard.

Comment Re:Not unless it changes a whole lot (Score 1) 591 591

choosing mainline Ubuntu is most of your problem if you would have went with one of the smaller Ubuntu derivitives such as Linux Mint you would have had the Java plug ins working at install In the mean time Ubuntu which was at one time one of the netter desktop distributions is quickly sliding down to the bottom of the barrel in terms of hardware support and usability. I now would not wish Ubuntu on my worst enemy.

Comment Kiss it some more to keep it Walmart cheep. (Score 1) 56 56

Big Business continues to kiss the Chinese Governments butt out of fear of loosing there cheep sweatshop labor. Nothing to see here wake me up when McAfee makes a Free Tibet version of there product. or GM Signs the Dali lama as a spokes person.

Any given program will expand to fill available memory.