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Comment: Relevance (Score 1) 503

by Durkheim (#26545119) Attached to: Can a Small Business Migrate Smoothly To OpenOffice.org v3?
So, you don't state any of the needs your user will have, yet you ask if you will face any problems. As I see things, if your users are satisfied with OO, then you are too. But we can't guess here. Knowing their exact needs when it comes to portability seems essential to me. Other problems as the difference between button layouts in OO and Msoffice may be more or less important depending on the user base. Let me finish by saying that for someone that doen't like the idea of "being stuck in microsoftland", you seem pretty badly informed when it comes to free/open source software. A look at the features of open office would have answered at least the first and last of your questions.

Google Opens Up Android Codebase 204

Posted by timothy
from the now-even-more-open-sourced dept.
rsk writes "It's official: Google has Open Sourced Android. The source code can be downloaded from Android's Git repository. Bugs are handled at the Google Code Android project page with documentation being handled by a collection of Google Site pages. One of the more interesting aspects of Android seems to be the seemingly Eclipse Foundation-like organization of the project, welcoming both Individual and Commercial developers into the Android development pot. One of the benefits of this arrangement is securing the existence of the project by involving commercial interests and their money in the process ... this is also one of the downsides; having commercial entities charter and lead features of a platform that their own commercial offerings provide 'enhanced' versions of, sometimes leaving the free offering always lacking in one obvious way or another. It's hard to say at this point how involved Google will be in this process, or the Open Handset Alliance in general, with managing the health of sub-projects under the Android umbrella as time goes on."

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