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NSA ./ed  *Thursday June 14, 2001 @10:50AM  1
   attached to Securing Win2K, NSA-style
Market.  *Saturday June 09, 2001 @07:12AM  2
   attached to LCD Display Questions - Longevity and Monochrome?
Industry  *Tuesday May 29, 2001 @12:12AM  2
Diesel  *Saturday May 26, 2001 @11:09PM  2
   attached to Diesel Cars - High Tech Low Tech
Uhh  *Friday May 25, 2001 @04:51PM  2
   attached to Kubrick's AI Spawns Distributed Client / Cognition
Absolutely Not a good approach en masse  *Thursday May 24, 2001 @01:56PM  2
   attached to "For Use on Free Operating Systems, Only!"
Hold up (to ALL repliers)  *Sunday April 29, 2001 @06:33PM  1
Do the Chinese People Want This  *Sunday April 29, 2001 @05:19PM  1
   attached to Chinese Government Perplexed By Internet Cafes
Sexual Spiritual Emotional  *Friday April 27, 2001 @07:33PM  2
Hrmm  *Friday April 27, 2001 @07:31PM  2
   attached to Microsoft Tech Suport vs Psychic Friends
Hrmm  *Friday April 27, 2001 @07:41PM  2
   attached to Surround Lights
Grafitti  *Thursday April 26, 2001 @12:36PM  4
   attached to Best Device For Gesture Based Input?
Top 10 Reasons to use this device  *Monday April 16, 2001 @08:08AM  2
   attached to Mouse Lets Blind "see" Graphics
Research Vs Development  *Sunday April 15, 2001 @05:07PM  2
   attached to Open Source Tax Credit.?
AI doesn't count as a life form  *Saturday March 31, 2001 @12:22PM  2
   attached to Civil Rights For Aliens?
OS-X  *Saturday March 31, 2001 @09:57AM  1
OS X  *Saturday March 31, 2001 @08:27AM  1
   attached to Why Isn't BSD a Desktop Operating System?
You're funny  *Monday March 26, 2001 @10:01AM  1
I tell you what  *Monday March 26, 2001 @09:58AM  2
To answer both replies  *Saturday March 24, 2001 @01:56PM  1
With all due respect  *Saturday March 24, 2001 @01:38PM  4
Nope  *Saturday March 24, 2001 @01:31PM  2
   attached to 3D Microfluid Computers Used To Solve NP Problems
Penny Arcades to Home Arcades  *Monday March 19, 2001 @04:44AM  2
   attached to Another Arcade Standby Calls It Quits
TCP/IP  *Sunday March 11, 2001 @07:06PM  2
   attached to Low-Bandwidth X

We will have solar energy as soon as the utility companies solve one technical problem -- how to run a sunbeam through a meter.