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Comment Re:I should have thought of that (Score 1) 246

Way to miss the point. Well done. Continue with your agenda. Apparently it's all you know. My point is that if a bank is pointing towards a particular option it's because it's the one they are going to make the most money on (read that as it's the one everyone else is going to lose the most money on), period. Banking is merely legalized theft.

Comment Re:Not far enough. (Score 0) 78

And what are you going to do when they sanction you? It's ok to blame China for its disastrous environmental damage. It's not ok to fail to recognize that Chinese industry is primarily servicing the manufacturing needs of the US. Look how green we are - (we don't produce anything anymore)! Look how filthy China is (only they happen to be making the components for everything the entire world needs). Seriously, stop being a hypocrite. And as for sanctioning - don't bite the hand that feeds you. China is now the world's #1 economy. It can survive without the US - there would be hard times, but it can. The US, however, cannot survive without China thanks to the fabulous strategic decision of outsourcing everything to there.

Comment Re:Hulu IS the content owners (Score 1) 290

I don't care. Say your favorite brand is discovered to be abusing children in sweatshops somewhere in the orient or Indonesia. Do you still willfully and happily keep buying that brand? At some point Hulu assumes some of the responsibility for letting themselves be manipulated like this. Region locking is absolutely stupid. And then these content providers have the nerve to complain about "piracy".

Comment Re:Epix was one reason they were forced to stream. (Score 4, Interesting) 290

I live in Seattle, and I don't know anyone with a connection fast enough to stream Netflix.

Heck I live in Panama. No not Panama City, Florida. Panama the country with the canal, all the way down in Latin America. And I have the bandwidth (20Mbs) to stream Netflix, through a US VPN. So someone in your city is screwing you.

Comment It's easy really (Score 1) 395

if only we could figure out how to reach that breakeven point.

Just accumulate enough matter together to create a gravitational field so strong that it begins to collapse space-time and fusion will start all by itself. Until we give up the notion that we can do with magnets what gravity can do (false) and that anything on a large scale must be capable of being replicated on a small scale (also false), people and governments will continue to throw money away at "fusion".

Comment Re:I doubt... (Score 1) 109

The fundamentals of the US economy are looking great in comparison to what? Are you seriously content because "at least we're not in as bad shape as Greece!"? Housing prices are starting to come back - that's a good thing right? That no one can afford a house unless they sell their and their children's future into usury? Because a fundamental gauge of the economy is the PRICE OF YOUR HOUSE. No, that's only good for bankrupt americans who have no equity at all except the meagre slice they are forced by the banks to have if they buy a house. Buying a home then selling it is not a valid "business model". It's speculation. And just like any other speculator, one day honey you are going to get screwed.

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