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Comment: double encryption methods (Score 1) 560

There are ways of encrypting data so that the ciphertext contains more than one message. One password might reveal a given plaintext, while a second one produces another, entirely more innocent and unrelated.

Obviously, such a ciphertext is larger than one would expect for any resultant plain text, but you could popularize use of encryption that mandates such a larger footprint so that any given user could shrug and say (after giving the password that produces nothing but cookie recipes), "sorry it isn't what you expected, officer!"

Comment: Re:Yes, but... (Score 1) 139

by DulcetTone (#44555705) Attached to: Royal Navy Deployed Laser Weapons During the Falklands War

The Coriolis Effect story is a myth.

Short take: the Royal Navy's fire control of the era did not address Coriolis Effect in any way, shape or form (nor did the German navy treat this minor effect). Not handling this effect is a minuscule factor in accuracy in an engagement along a line of fire that changes only slowly over the course of a battle.

Comment: Where were these two suspects? (Score 1) 270

by DulcetTone (#43526707) Attached to: Crowdsourcing Failed In Boston Bombing Aftermath

What I'm confused by is the seeming absence of the two suspects in any of the photos that were pawed over by reddit users. Has anyone seen the two brothers in the photos that were so widely reviewed? It seems to me that the photos from the two men who were overlooking bomb location 1 would have had a rough time NOT seeing the older brother placing his bomb.

Not trying to imply anything untoward, but it seems to me that although the Reddit crew had a fair number of very good photos, they were seemingly not seeing a single photo by which they could have identified the right people.

Comment: It's all about swarm attack (Score 3, Informative) 402

by DulcetTone (#43397151) Attached to: Navy To Deploy Lasers On Ship In 2014

These probably are not meant to kill anything but suicide attack boats.

CIWS and even 5-in guns with optimized shells are not good at killing agile craft at ranges beyond point-blank. When a small target with judiciously applied armor jinks, it is almost unkillable until the time of flight comes under 3 seconds (about 1-2 km), as any "motivated" use of the rudder causes a wild displacement in deflection that makes perfect aim mean a perfect miss on every shot. The "best" fire control in such a condition is a pattern of fire about the projected aim point, and this actuarial risk is moderate to a determined enemy who has numbers on his side: the guy you fire at goes defensive and becomes all but invulnerable while his friend bore in with rudders centered and throttles opened wide.

These weapons, if they can keep their power up with enough regularity, will bleed a swarm attack at the intermediate range, leaving the ballistic weapons for the few that might have bobbed past.

Comment: imprecise Dates would have been nice (Score 1) 233

by DulcetTone (#43298503) Attached to: Everything About Java 8

I'd like to see a Date that can be missing some fields, such as "early january", or "2013" and have the objects be Comparable and yet not forget that their actual value is not exact. For instance, "early" in a month might mean the 5th in terms of comparison, but its toString() would say "early January", and a year without further specification might compare as June 30th.

These sorts of things are helpful when you're recording researched data and don't want the persnickety exactness of the representation to hide the fact that you don't know all the fields.

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