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Comment Need better batteries (Score 1) 399

Bill Nye keeps repeating this and I think he's right. If we load homes with solar panels and use a giant plant that uses a heavy piston to take extra solar power and store it as fluid that pumps into the cylinder. Then at night it drains out the fluid to turn a turbine and produces power to local homes. Fusion is just another expensive power plant.

Comment Re:It's all about aging, stupid. (Score 1) 204

There's many people but these are the ones that come to mind. They obviously do age but do so very well it looks as though they have stopped. They believe it's due to enzymes that you get from eating food raw. Rubbish. Your stomach breaks down the enzymes so something else is going on. My belief is that because they're so focused on what they eat and take care of themselves they have less oxidation stress. They obviously get a lot more vitamins. The best explanation I have is that they avoid a lot of carcinogens. No cooked food means nothing burns and generates free radicals. Just being a vegan isn't enough cause if you eat French fries you're on the vegan diet but it's obviously very bad for you.

This 70 year old who looks 30.

This 44 year old looks 20.

Generally all these people.

Comment It's all about aging, stupid. (Score 1) 204

The way we do medicine today isn't very different than what we did 100 years ago. We find a chemical that does things, test said chemical and prey the side effect doesn't kill the patient. Surgery and our understanding of the human body is 1000x better than what we did 100 years ago but what we do is surface level treatment. You get sick and we find a way to fix said sickness. Heart has clog? Thin the blood like crazy with medicine. Stents to expand veins to keep them open and working. But that's like your engine leaks oil but instead of fixing the core of the problem lets put in thicker oil to slow the leak.

About 2/3 of deaths to people are age related. Heart disease, cancer, Diabetes, and etc are all age related diseases. And yes you can get them young but the moment you're born you're aging. What is aging? Aging is the process of the human body slowly building up damage, and there's 7 of them. People won't live past 80 or 90 if we don't fix aging first, and a lot of other diseases like Alzheimer is dependent on our ability to cure it. Cancer itself is caused by aging cells. We know the core cause of cancer is telomeres which protect the cell from damage. Most cells in your body don't extend these but cancer cells do and indefinitely and become immortal.

There's already discoveries found that help with aging and health significantly. For example back in 2003 they found a chemical called Resveratrol. This stuff is so amazing that it doubles the life of mice, which don't live for very long. They're younger and healthier for a longer time, and don't develop sicknesses easily like diabetes, especially on a western diet which is very bad for you. Resveratrol doesn't stop or reverse aging but it does significantly slow it down and you can buy it right now off online stores. It's proven to work, but everyone is trying to make a more concentrated and potent version of Resveratrol. There's compounds which are proven to extend telomeres which many people consider the holy grail of age reversal for humans and our best defense against cancer. The compounds are unfortunately only 5% effective so people who took the compounds didn't look or feel younger but their cells did look younger. Now they're trying to find compounds that are more potent and they have, but they'll kill you.

My point is that if we're to make people live healthier and better lives than we need to look into aging itself, and my prediction is that within 15 years we'll have methods to drastically slow aging. About 20-25 years from now we'll be able to stop aging but not reverse it. Within 30-40 years we can actually reverse aging mostly. I say mostly cause you may look 20-30 years old and feel 20-30 years old but you'll still have some age related issues to deal with. I'm not sure when and if we'll be able to fix Mitochondrial mutations or even DNA mutations, but it might not be a real issue. Human body is really good at repairing DNA. For now I would avoid high sugar foods, and cooked foods that have lots of carcinogens. Resveratrol works and is on sale as a vitamin. People on raw vegan diets don't age. Though that means eating uncooked food and no meat which many people probably won't do.

It's also a big problem that we don't look at aging as a disease when it causes so many and effects people of all ages, it just effects older people more so than younger.

Comment Re:Quothe the raven, "Forevermore". (Score 1) 205

I believe that big bangs occur multiple times throughout the universes history. A giant hyper massive black hole gets big enough that it explodes like the big bang. There might be other hyper massive black holes that are pulling on galaxy's far away and might explain dark energy. Black holes are the universes recycling centers. Life may have existed far before 13.5 billion years ago and the universe maybe infinite.

Course that's just and idea I came up with.

Comment There's no money in the future (Score 1) 615

Like in Star Trek, the future will be without money. Three things that will be the downfall of money. One being all jobs will be replaced with autonomous systems. You don't need a person to drive a truck or do your taxes or repair roads. Secondly is the cure for aging. It'll happen, and much sooner than you think. Imagine a person who looks 20 but is 100. Do we let those people stay retired or force them to work? Finally you have the future of abundance. At some point energy and food will be plentiful to the point there's no reason to work. The machines are doing all the work and they run off renewable energy.

Definitely will be the biggest and last class war the world will ever see in the future. I don't about flying around in space ships but we'll definitely be like a Star Trek economy in the future. Don't know about a food synthesizer though.

Comment Been there done that. (Score 1) 325

Honestly, I haven't found a good laptop that doesn't burn up. My experience HP, Compaq, Dell's have all had thermal issues. Worse yet, thermal issues that result in broken solder with the GPU or chipset or both. Have you ever turned on a laptop with nothing on the screen but blackness? Very common issue, even with Clevo based laptops. Resulting in me needing to use heat reflow with liquid flux.

I took every gaming cooling trick out of my bag, cause once you fixed the broken solder you have to prevent it from happening again. First I sanded the surface that touches the CPU and GPU flat as possible. Yes it's a lapping. Then I use black emery rouge compound with a dremel to get it smoother. Then some high quality non conductive thermal paste along with premium thermal pads like Fujipoly where needed. It makes a difference and non of my laptops go above 70C even under gaming.

The cooling in modern laptops aren't evolving as fast as the thermal output of these devices. Heat pipes aren't cutting it, and laptops should have started using water cooling. Yes, water cooling. Modern laptops use one or two heat pipes to cool the system where a simple water block would do a far better job. Desktop air coolers though use many heatpipes to keep the CPUs cool, while the GPU's enjoy wasting a PCI-E slot for its air cooler. With so many sealed water cooling desktop solutions, nobody bothered to make a laptop version?

Comment Give me back my Quad 4 (Score 1) 267

GM doesn't need to worry about Tesla. They have their own problems. All their cars look like Tonka toys and have the build quality of a Chinese iPhone knock off. They all use Vauxhall/Opel engines which are those stupid Ecotec engines. On the other hand their Corvette/Camaro's are awesome and with v8's can get nearly 30 MPG. Why hasn't any of that tech came down to their 4's which they decided to stick into nearly every car?

Can we just get back those Quad 4 engines? Why does a modern Ecotoc need 2.5L to produce the same power of a 2.3L Quad 4 W41 from 1990?

Comment Use Linux (Score 1, Informative) 331

The biggest flaw with Windows is it's reliance on antivirus. No matter what computer system I install Windows onto, the antivirus software makes it slow. In some cases the antivirus software is worse than the virus itself.

Just use Linux. Not that nobody writes viruses for Linux, but your chances of getting one is slim. Also distros like Unbuntu/Mint/etc tend to update more then the OS itself. Update Manager will update Java, Firefox, Flash, and everything in between. Windows needs background programs to update the software in your computer, which is why so many vulnerabilities are left exposed in Windows machines.

Comment Those damn laptops (Score 1) 337

Probably is the Surface Pro is meant to be a laptop replacement while having tablet functionality. But as it turns out people are learning that tablets are intrinsically useless. But the Surface Pro suffers because of it's price. It's starting price of $800 gives you a Core i3 with 64GB of storage. This Acer laptop is also $800 but gives you a Core i7 with 1TB storage and a real graphics card made by Nvidia, cause you'll never know when Microsoft will actually bring their Halo games over to Windows. Why would you get a Surface Pro 3?

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