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Comment: Re:A (Path) Finder with a "Refresh" button. (Score 2, Interesting) 249

by generic-man (#16549388) Attached to: My Dream App For the Mac
Dear God, not like that. I have a 1024x768 display and I don't want to devote all of it to a file browser. The last time I used an environment like that it was called DOSSHELL.EXE.

I just want to hit CMD+R and see a Finder window refresh. Windows has supported a "refresh" shortcut in Windows Explorer (F5) for many years. I don't expect to install a gigantic piece of $35 shareware to get such a simple feature, but that seems to be the norm on Mac OS X these days.
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Journal: Blog Blog Blog 2

Journal by generic-man

Blog blog blog. Blog blog blog blog blog, blog blogger blog blog. Blogosphere blog! Blog blogging blog blog blog. Moblogging? Blog blogging? Blogger. Podcast.


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Journal: Why I Shouldn't Drink Espresso

Journal by generic-man

This morning I had a "Shot in the Dark," or a cup of coffee with a shot of espresso mixed in. All that caffeine went to my head as I posted an inflammatory comment in an IE7 article and responded to many of the repetitive responses I received.

Sorry for the flame-inducing post. That'll teach me to overcaffeinate myself in the morning.

Comment: For some tasks, they work better (Score 1) 427

by Duderstadt (#8454355) Attached to: Purely Functional Data Structures
If you look here, you will notice that our friends at Microsoft have developed a high level decompiler for .Net IL. Basically, it decompiles the IL into an abstract, non binary, human readable form.

The tool for manipulating this new IL (ILX) is F#, an ML family functional language. This is because ILX fits more naturally with a functional language than it would with, say, C# or C++.

C# and the like can still be used, but if you look at the ILX and compare it to F#, the reason for using a functionl language should be obvious.

I don't know if you can do this with Java or not, but if there were such a decompliler, the output would be much easier to work with as in ML than with Java itself.

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