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Comment: I'll pass. (Score 2, Interesting) 137

A phone from Canonical? This is the company who brings us the buggiest linux distribution in history, the company whose own forums got hacked and were down for two weeks while they tried to restore a backup. They have never made money and are completely dependent on the continued financial support of their self appointed benevolent dictator for life. With tens of millions in personal losses so far, and years past his own deadline for Canonical to break even, do you really trust that they will be around? I hear all the time that Ubuntu is good for linux. I suppose it is, the same way that factory farming is good for chickens.

Comment: Gas and hybrid are far safer (Score 1) 388

by Drunkulus (#45028907) Attached to: Tesla Model S Catches Fire: Is This Tesla's 'Toyota' Moment?
This will continue to happen, at least with the Model S. The Prius' battery pack is tiny in comparison, and far better protected. Gas tanks can of course catch fire and explode, but they too are much smaller and better protected. The Model S battery pack contains over 7000 lithium-ion cells, any one of which can catch fire if damaged as in this case. The Model S batteries are located underneath the floor of the car, occupying almost the entire exposed underside. This location is desirable for the car's low center of gravity and potentially for replacing the battery pack, but is also the most likely to suffer damage from road debris.

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by Drunkulus (#44878153) Attached to: GNOME 3.10 Is Now Properly Supported On Wayland
Thanks to Mr. Coward, I have seen the light. It is clear to me now that Canonical is essentially an open source Machiavelli, manipulating other players such as Redhat and Intel with ease. The Wayland devs, shamed into action, are now producing the next generation display server which Canonical will then use instead of their Trojan Horse display server.

Comment: Thank you Ubuntu! (Score 3, Informative) 128

by Drunkulus (#44875859) Attached to: GNOME 3.10 Is Now Properly Supported On Wayland
This is a great leap forward for desktop Linux and we must remember the open source luminaries that have made this advance possible, starting with Mr. Mark Shuttleworth. Mark committed to making significant contributions to Wayland back in 2010, and generously offered to support KDE and Gnome in the transition. Wait, what? They never contributed a single line of code? They were secretly working on another project and are now in a pissing match with Intel??

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by Drunkulus (#44710627) Attached to: Nissan's Crash-Free R&D: 7 Cute Robots Mimicking Bees and Fish
Every time an effort is made to ease traffic congestion, such as adding lanes, it works temporarily until people take advantage of it, and then traffic resumes its previous speed. While adding lanes would have been a permanent solution for the existing amount of traffic, now you simply have more people commuting from farther distances, creating more pollution etc. Self driving cars will temporarily improve travel times until sufficient numbers of people use them, then the roads will again be clogged. The only real solution is population control.

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