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Comment: Licensed not Owned (Score 1) 162

by DrunkenTerror (#49128839) Attached to: Should a Service Robot Bring an Alcoholic a Drink?

It won't matter what we want. The robots will be owned by the manufacturers and licensed to us. They will do whatever the OWNER wants them to do, which presumably will be to appear to obey the licensees' commands, as long as they do not violate copyright, cause liability to the owner, or promote any political idea that the owner corporation objects to.

Comment: Actually I thought /. journals are useless (Score 1) 11

by DrunkenTerror (#49089319) Attached to: And you thought Twitter useless

What is it about the daily back-and-forth political word battles that keeps you going? It makes me tired just having your journal entries pop up. I left slashdot for like a decade and came back and you're still here pumping these out every day! Kinda amazing to me, someone who is so TIRED of the the political yin yang football-pulling. You still have a real passion for it all. Hats off to you!

Comment: Life Intimates Art (Score 1) 101

Just think what would have to happen if everyone were to actually do what the idiot security thespians want us to do and "if we see something, say something." Every discarded tin can along a roadway, every ungarded box sitting on the grass. Choke them to death on their own system.

Make it a game. How many suspicious packages can YOU call in today?

"Oh, no ma'am. I'm not calling in a bomb threat. I thought I saw a suspicious package."

"Right now I feel that I've got my feet on the ground as far as my head is concerned." -- Baseball pitcher Bo Belinsky