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+ - Interview with the OLPC Folks on American Schools

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The 12 Angrymen have posted an article which contains an interview with the folks from the One Laptop Per Child project. While we've seen a lot of articles which talk about how the XO Laptop will effect Africa, Asia, and South America, little to no coverage has been given on how it will effect schools and education in the United States. The interview sheds some light on current distribution efforts in the United States, and opportunities for city and county school boards to get involved in the project itself."

+ - Universal To Fight Piracy With Free Music Phone->

Submitted by mrspin
mrspin (666) writes "According to Universal Music executive Rob Wells, "the single biggest issue that's facing the music industry is there are huge waves of devices being sold and shipped to consumers on a daily basis. Very few of these devices are then subsequently used to subscribe [to] legitimate downloads." Enter Nokia's new "Comes With Music" program. Announced at the annual Nokia World conference today, "Comes With Music" will enable customers to buy a Nokia device with a year of unlimited access to "millions of tracks", and, rather surprisingly, get to keep those tracks once the twelve month period ends. Of the four major labels, however, Universal Music is the only one to have signed on."
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+ - Canadian ILEC charges you for not paying them

Submitted by Johnbd66
Johnbd66 (716980) writes "Telus, one of the major ILEC's in Canada has just announced a new kind of fee for their customers. They will charge you $2.95/month for a long distance "network access fee" unless you subscribe to one of their long distance plans or block all outgoing toll calls with Call Guardian.

What this article fails to mention is that Telus customers that DO subscribe to a long distance plan have to pay a $4.95/month "Long Distance Administration fee"

The full story

Telus terms and conditions discussing the fees for having or not having an LD plan"

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