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Comment No way! (Score 1) 913

The Federal income tax is illegal (in the USA), as it is a direct, unapportioned tax. These are strictly forbidden by the constitution. Government projects are funded by corporate, state, and local taxes. Federal income taxes go directly into the pockets of the federal reserve, which is a private corporation that loans money to the U.S. at interest and controls the value of the dollar. Go look it up, you'll find out that these statements are very true. However, keep in mind that if you refuse to pay taxes, the IRS may well come knock your door down and drag you off to prison.

Comment Re:What's worth buying? (Score 1) 375

there are good songs out there... it's just so expensive to get them recorded and produced for radio that the only people doing it are those who have the record deal already lined up. breaking out in a band is like getting your first job: need the car to get to the job, need the job to pay for the car. you need the right gear to sound good, and you need to sound good to make enough money to get the gear you want. the stuff that gets radio play is what the big companies think will sell CDs and sell on iTunes etc. If you don't like what's on the radio, try going to the company's website and checking out all of the bands that are signed. If you don't like any of that, try trolling on myspace for bands. There are a lot of good bands out there that just don't have the cash to make a full record... unless you support them and buy their shirts and go to their shows. the way to get good music is to pay up when you hear something you like.

Comment Re:I know the future... (Score 1) 294

I run chrome with winXP. Although it does crash occasionally (once a week or so), it has a restore button that allows you to bring back the exact pages you were viewing. I have one of those Acer Aspire netbooks, so the viewable screen area is important to me, and chrome maximizes that. IE and Firefox fill up the top of my screen with all those toolbars and garbage that I really could care less about. Chrome has everything I want in a browser. I like it.

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