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Comment: Re:Assumptions (Score 4, Interesting) 65

by OverlordQ (#49604415) Attached to: Hacking the US Prescription System

> I think it is far more likely that the pharmacy sells this information to insurance, pharmaceutical, and marketing companies.

This. Pretty much every prescription the doctor writes effectively goes straight to the drug reps. If you stop prescribing, they'll know, and come in and bribe^H^H^H^Hinquire as to why you stopped prescribing their drug.

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Journal: Chronicle: New glasses and contacts (2)

Journal by Chacham

I have tried two more brands of contacts, both hydrogel and toric, with little success. The first pair had the right eye not so bad, but the left was blurry. Ultimately, my appointment was for Sunday, and when i was late i received a phone call. Oops! I guess i've been relying on those reminder calls a bit too much.

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Journal: Chronicle: Off to the bookstore for a book! 2

Journal by Chacham

I love books. Well, i love reading them. There are people who do love books, such as an erstwhile coworker that told me she cried when they were lost or damaged, or something like that. She convincingly conveyed to me that she was emotionally attached to her books. She also no longer works here.

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Journal: Chronicle: New glasses and contacts 3

Journal by Chacham

As i am having a harder time reading things up close, it seemed like a good time to get new glasses. Off to a local optometrist i went, a member of the community, and got my new prescription. I warned him i'd being going to Zenni for the frames, which he seemed to not be enthused about. Though he mentioned the reason being quality, and i do believe he was earnest in his comments, the loss of profit from selling designer frames had to be in the backgr

Comment: Re:Hell No Hillary (Score 2) 676

by modecx (#49460915) Attached to: Hillary Clinton Declares 2016 Democratic Presidential Bid

trying to put together some sort of scandal or conspiracy, or even flat out making things up ("Obama is coming for your guns!")

Whatever your views on the issue, I find it curious that of the laundry list of nasty things the Rs said/did to smear Obama's campaign, you pick the one that was, by all metrics, objectively true.

His views prior, and up to his bid for president contrasted to...four days ago The same man who in 2008 promised among other things to increase government transparency, eliminate domestic spying, and not to go after guns...did what again? Did his part to make government more opaque, tolerated if not tacitly endorsed increased domestic spying, and went after guns at every major opportunity (often impotently).

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