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Comment: Yeah, easy for you (Score 4, Insightful) 130

by OverlordQ (#48510075) Attached to: Celebrated Russian Hacker Now In Exile

When Mr. Durov sold his stake in VKontakte last December, there was speculation it was worth a few hundred million dollars. Mr. Durov would not give a specific figure, citing a nondisclosure agreement.
“I’m very happy right now without any property anywhere,” he added. “I consider myself a legal citizen of the world.”

When your net-worth is 7 figures at a minimum, that's a bit easier to do.

Comment: Re:It is working for them, though... (Score 2) 274

by OverlordQ (#48506795) Attached to: A Mismatch Between Wikimedia's Pledge Drive and Its Cash On Hand?

> Wikipedia is still a very usable web site. By comparison slashdot went commercial some time ago and has become less usable with each passing year.

Thanks to the unpaid community volunteers. About the only thing I can point to in the recent history done by a paid team that was mildly successful was the Vector skin. Remember how awesome LiquidThreads was that it got deployed everywhere? Oh wait.

Comment: Re:Taxpayer's Dilemma (Score 3, Insightful) 213

by mabu (#48494631) Attached to: Game Theory Analysis Shows How Evolution Favors Cooperation's Collapse

How much in taxes do you think you paid last year? $1k? $5k? $50k?

How much of the Interstate that you use daily will that pay for?

Maybe 1/2 an inch of the interstate.

Whine to us all about how government is raping you...

while you enjoy electricity, navigable waterways, the internet, safe food, police protection, fire protection, libraries, schools, parks, national forests, etc.

Comment: Re:Taxpayer's Dilemma (Score 2) 213

by mabu (#48494605) Attached to: Game Theory Analysis Shows How Evolution Favors Cooperation's Collapse

>You are assuming a perfect world where taxes are used efficiently, whereas most western government have rather low bang-for-the-buck. At the end of the day, what really happen is more of the realm of "Everyone pays taxes, but infrastructures still sucks".

Are you on the Internet in America right now?

If so, then the government infrastructure is working quite well. Last time I checked, we had relatively clean water and air, reliable utilities, navigable waterways, weren't being invaded by some foreign army, and have roads from one end of the country to another.

This notion that government is largely errant and irresponsible doesn't jive with reality. The exception does not prove the rule.

Comment: Re:TIt-for-tat fallacy (Score 1) 213

by mabu (#48494587) Attached to: Game Theory Analysis Shows How Evolution Favors Cooperation's Collapse

>What's unrealistic is believing one strategy is always favored by evolution. Evolution tries everything, so you get all strategies tried.

Actually if you read the study, their conclusion is, the aberrations in the cooperation between the parties is the result of their desire to "change the game" and avoid being put in scenarios where there is no clear winning choice.

Comment: Re:If it's losing steam it's because (Score 1) 291

by OverlordQ (#48468529) Attached to: Is Ruby On Rails Losing Steam?

Specifically things like dependency injection and modifying existing libraries to suit your purpose without having to touch the code of the core library [...] When I learned that on the fly I could inject or replace a method in a core object at load time

That sounds like an utter nightmare. 2 + 2 = 4, except when we patched + to mean something else.

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