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Comment Re:Emacs org mode (Score 1) 227

I couldn't agree more. There is something about writing your notes down that for me has a memory affect associated with it. I could take the same notes in a digital program, but when I do I just don't remember things like I do when writing them down. I still swear by notebooks at work, and have never had issues searching for anything I needed to look up.

Comment Re:how will you verify? (Score 1) 350

I did some contracting for a company that wanted a certain individual because he had what the CEO wanted regarding their project. He wrote the job description so exact, that there was no chance of anyone else having the exact qualifications he was looking for. He did post it like he was supposed to, and after no responses was able to get his H1B hire from India. I'm not sure about the changing jobs thing though, he worked for roughly a year then went to another job although I didn't have, nor did I want to know, the details behind it.

Comment Re: When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 3, Insightful) 456

I grew up when it was OK for parents to discipline their children. I had to pick my own switch once, and only once. My kids did as well. And guess what, they grew up to be successful in school and their careers.

Being taught to respect authority isn't 'contending' with anything. They aren't going to grow up and be mentally ill due to getting a spanking when they misbehave. I firmly believe a lot of problems with today's children/young adults are a direct result of being brought up knowing there are no consequences for their actions.

Submission + - La Fiorina wants all your data (

LeadSongDog writes: If El Reg is to be believed, Republican also-ran Carly Fiorina wants Google and Apple to turn over all your data to the FBI. But then, perhaps she just wants to drive Apple and Google out of the US market....

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