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Los Angeles  Wednesday January 28, 2015 @04:25PM  1
   attached to New Google Fiber Cities Announced
Upgrade  Wednesday January 21, 2015 @05:28PM  1
   attached to Microsoft Reveals Windows 10 Will Be a Free Upgrade
Guilty as charged!  Monday January 19, 2015 @02:47PM  1
   attached to Innocent Adults Are Easy To Convince They Committed a Serious Crime
Bomb?  *Monday December 29, 2014 @07:05PM  1
   attached to The Interview Bombs In US, Kills In China, Threatens N. Korea
it had to happen eventually...  *Monday December 22, 2014 @03:55PM  1
   attached to How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years
Re:Increase pay, reduce work week.  *Monday December 22, 2014 @04:24PM  1
   attached to What Happens To Society When Robots Replace Workers?
Re:Make it convenient for me and I will pay  *Wednesday December 10, 2014 @07:21PM  1
   attached to Peter Sunde: the Pirate Bay Should Stay Down
Meditate  *Friday December 05, 2014 @07:51PM  1
   attached to Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Electronics-Induced Inattentiveness?
Oculus and Facebook? Ha!  *Wednesday September 10, 2014 @03:22PM  1
   attached to Report: Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Studio For $2bn+
Re:The diet is unimportant...  *Friday September 05, 2014 @04:05PM  1
   attached to Low-Carb Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet In Major New Study
In colIege, I knew a girl who had TWO of these!  *Thursday July 10, 2014 @10:45AM  0
   attached to Mathematicians Solve the Topological Mystery Behind the "Brazuca" Soccer Ball
I know someone who works on this kind of stuff  *Wednesday July 09, 2014 @06:49PM 1 3, Interesting
   attached to Dubai's Climate-Controlled Dome City Is a Dystopia Waiting To Happen
Said it before...  *Thursday July 03, 2014 @03:56PM 1 1
   attached to Senate Budgetmakers Move To End US Participation In ITER
What is wrong with people?  *Wednesday June 25, 2014 @05:40PM  1
   attached to Workaholism In America Is Hurting the Economy
Price  *Friday June 20, 2014 @11:05AM  1
   attached to Chinese Vendor Could Pay $34.9M FCC Fine In Signal-Jammer Sting
So...  *Wednesday June 04, 2014 @12:05PM 1 1
   attached to US Secret Service Wants To Identify Snark
Doctorow  *Thursday May 29, 2014 @02:33PM 3 3, Insightful
   attached to 'Curiosity' Lead Engineer Suggests Printing Humans On Other Planets
Re:I've been under a rock...  *Wednesday May 28, 2014 @06:03PM  1
   attached to Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds
Re:Except It Isn't  *Tuesday May 20, 2014 @05:59PM  1
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Re:Get off my effin lawn!  *Monday May 12, 2014 @06:21PM  1
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Re:Are you kidding  *Wednesday April 16, 2014 @03:39PM  1
Re:Are you kidding  *Wednesday April 16, 2014 @03:03PM  1
   attached to Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy
Like making a deal with terrorists  *Wednesday April 16, 2014 @02:38PM 1 1
   attached to Netflix Gets What It Pays For: Comcast Streaming Speeds Skyrocket
Or...  *Wednesday April 09, 2014 @11:20AM  1
   attached to Zombie Plants Help To Spread Bacterial Pathogen