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Comment Just ducky (Score 1) 472 472

So far, other than Windows 7, I haven't see a windows version work so good at release. 8 was just a miserable UI experience, Vista was a resource hog that refused to run anything and XP actually killed a machine that had to be replaced by warranty (OK that may have been a bad machine but XP never was stable for me until SP1).

I disapprove of the forced updates but I find having all update generally does more good than harm. I've seen updates break computers but I've seen missed updates cause more problems.

Comment Re:Doubtful (Score 1) 858 858

Results for used Chevy Spark EV near my area:

No cars found
Try changing your search criteria or start over

For Toyota Prius Plug-in, one three year old with 37k miles located 50 miles away, call for price.

For Ford Fusion, 87 results.

I want an EV some day but for many reasons it isn't that day yet.

Comment Re:Streetlights useful to remark road in bad weath (Score 1) 289 289

Some would argue that if you can't see the road, you shouldn't be driving. Personally, I'd like to keep street lights at intersections. I generally don't drive by GPS so having a clear marker of "there is a street here" as well as illumination of the crosswalks before my headlights are pointing right at the boy crossing the street I'm turning left onto are quite useful.

In west Michigan it can be over a day before some main roads are visible again after big storms and during long term storms you can have days where the road is not visible. Forget about side roads. Wouldn't mind not working those days but my employer has other ideas.

Comment Re:Uncontrollable? (Score 1) 66 66

Just needs more thrust & control surfaces.

Yep, just make it bigger so it has more power and... why is our drone now too large to launch from the ship? The history of miniaturization :)

Well, I guess you'll have to 3D print a bigger ship, then!

And then bigger people so everything remains to scale?

Comment Re: Streaming doesn't work (Score 1) 168 168

Maybe not as well as running it natively, but they've definitely got it working well enough. I've already played games using Steam streaming from one computer to another. It absolutely works and the latency is nowhere near as bad as you'd think.

The problem comes with playing a game on a device with a totally inappropriate input system. They already make gaming laptops but they suck for gaming because the laptop form factor sucks for gaming. Sony offers PS4 streaming to the Vita and that sucks because the Vita sucks. Streaming PC games to the Xbox One is going to require hooking up a keyboard and mouse to really work well.

So streaming works - but is almost always worthless because generally if you have a "gaming computer" you're going to want to use it directly over any other device even if streaming were perfect. I can't imagine trying to game on one of those lousy Surface tablet things.

Considering you have to hook up a keyboard and mouse and monitor to a desktop PC, I kind of fail to see the difference. It is all just about hooking up a computer (desktop box, laptop, xbox) to the appropriate I/O devices for your play style. Now if we want to talk processing power, that is a whole other topic.

Comment Mixed Opinion (Score 1) 1165 1165

The article says they have laws against firing guns in the city so there is a point behind arresting him for that.

The drone owner was definitely acting improperly but I also don't think fire first and ask questions later is the correct approach. I'd try to get the drones attention with a gun to let it know this is unacceptable, then if it sticks around it is time for some drone skeet shooting.

I think he should get whatever the typical penalty firing a gun in the city is, otherwise just a slap on the wrist. The drone owners should have gotten hit harder by the police though.

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