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by Drethon (#47925727) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Have You Experienced Fear Driven Development?
For me on the development side when I give an estimate with no accounting for problems along the way the answer is typically, great, here are your hours. When I get an estimate with a realistic estimate of problems that will pop up along the way I'm told, here is a quarter of what you asked for, see how far this gets you. Typically I tend to get less hassle if I ask for the minimum and then ask for more hours as needed (multiple times) with the reason why I need more hours (ex the same reasons I would have given for those hours up front).

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Depends on what development model you are using. In aviation with software certification, improving the code produces short term nightmares even though it is valuable in the long term. Every time you change a line of code it has to be retested and certified which is expensive. Of course once the patch on patch on patch reaches critical mass and you have to rip off all the band aids, things get worse.

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Immorality is much easier to excuse when you believe there is a divine order to things. When someone is poor, or suffering or has had a bad run of luck, belief in a divine plan makes it easy to see that as deserved, instead of unfortunate. When someone is rich, powerful and/or fortunate, you're more likely to see them as superior and deserving of their good fortune if you are religious.

Every time you hear someone thank god that for answering their prayers and blessing them with something, keep in mind that intrinsically behind that statement is the idea that god has made a judgement call and found them deserving of having their prayers answered. It's a round about way of saying "God chose this for me, because he thinks I deserve it." It always rubs me as subtly arrogant to imply that whatever good fortune you are enjoying isn't simply good fortune, but it's a reward you earned because god found you deserving of it, and thusly found everyone else who doesn't receive that same thing, undeserving.

I think people tend to have that view regardless of religion. Religion just shifts it toward god being the cause rather than people.

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