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Comment: This is actually beneficial (Score 1) 388

by Dreth (#41407437) Attached to: Is the Can Worse Than the Soda?

In a time when kids are born with dozens of conditions, our numbers multiply at a staggering rate worldwide, and that scenario where we must ration our resources VERY carefully (like we should have done since the beginning) is not THAT ridiculously far away, this is actually positive in my eyes.

Do we really need to procreate in such a hurry? I'm not the biggest fan of sodas out there, but if they're gonna help reduce the output of the baby-factory generation out there, I'm all for even buying other people a soda or two.

Comment: Re:even better question: (Score 2) 213

by Dreth (#40148537) Attached to: Can Windows 8 Succeed In a Cloud-Based World?

I don't know of any individuals using cloud based services

the fuck?. Gmail, Google Apps / Docs, Dropbox, BaseCamp, Flickr, Spotify, Netflix. Most individuals I know do almost everything they use a computer for "in the cloud". The corporations are the ones that seem to be holding on to legacy standalone apps.

None of those things are really relevant to the business world. You don't share DVDRips or ISOs over a network for your buddies at work, you don't have any need to watch movies or upload 100 pictures from that Canon of yours at a workplace, the only semi-useful thing in there are Google Docs (don't count Gmail since any e-mail is just as efficient in sending and receiving e-mails) but then again, most corporations already have volume licenses so that's not even that big a hassle.

Comment: Amazing (Score 1) 63

by Dreth (#38200544) Attached to: A 3D Display You Can Touch

It only seems that every other week there's a new concept or at least some advances/new implementations of old concepts for 3D displays.

It's clear that people wanna move forward but we're still laughing at those that bought 3D glasses + 3D TVs, so slow down a bit, please.

Comment: I wish I had a lawn (Score 1) 51

by Dreth (#38175354) Attached to: How Even a Failed AT&T/T-Mobile Deal Hurts Rivals

What the hell happened to just having a phone and making calls off it without worrying about how fast your web apps will load, how long it'll take to upload a batch of uninteresting family photos or how vane you'll look at the next cellphone showoff?

This is why I still have a landline and restrict my usage of the Internet to my PC and laptop. The world didn't need to updated and logged on 24/7 a decade ago.


+ - Hotmail to simulate some of Gmail's features->

Submitted by
Dreth writes "While most e-mail providers offer more or less the same basic features, Gmail has been a mainstay since its introduction with its speed and flexibility. Yesterday Microsoft announced that it is looking to improve its own e-mail service by "borrowing" some of Gmail's features, adding some more original ones as well as adding some of Outlook's."
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+ - Is Google targeting Firefox? 1

Submitted by arglebargle_xiv
arglebargle_xiv (2212710) writes "As of about two weeks ago, Google searches carried out from Firefox are returning meta redirects that require manually clicking through every search result in order to reach your target. In doing this Google is specifically targeting Firefox and no other browser (switching your user agent to anything other than Firefox gets rid of the problem). Presumably switching to Chrome would also resolve the issue. Could this targeting of Firefox be because it's Google's main competitor in the open-source browser market?"

+ - Global video game addiction and health study launc->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "How prevalent is video game addiction? Daniel Loton of Victoria University, Melbourne Australia, is leading an extended global study on video game play and health, focusing specifically on determining the possible negative consequences of excessive gaming on employment, study, parenting and relationships; as well as on mental, physical and social health. His previous work in this area indicated that excessive video game play is largely unrelated to social skills (

The current study uses a dynamic survey that adapts to participants' life circumstances which is completed monthly for 9 months, eliciting longitudinal data. The study also includes measures of satisfaction across several life domains in order to explore whether these may play a part in outcomes.

It will help to determine whether video game play can be a coping mechanism for other problems experienced in life, or whether it may be a central cause of problems over time.

The only criteria to take part is to be 18 years of age or older and to speak English; the study is open to gamers across the world. For further information visit"

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