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Comment: Re:Hollywood won't change (Score 1) 516

by Dremth (#38929827) Attached to: You Will Never Kill Piracy
Louis C.K. made a comedy special by himself for distribution entirely online with no DRM (aside from having a reasonable download limit to prevent bandwidth abuse), and he's asking $5 for it. I first torrented it. I liked it, and I support him as a comedian; so I bought it (And at that price? How can you not?), showed it to several of my friends, and they all bought it too. You might think he's made no profit, but in 12 days, he made over 1 million dollars. And that was over a month ago. Who knows how much more he's made since then. Sounds like he's got it figured out pretty well.

Comment: Re:Interesting, but.... (Score 1) 441

by Dremth (#38606544) Attached to: Windows 8 To Include Built-in Reset, Refresh
There should be an option to encrypt the Recovery images in a similar fashion to what TrueCrypt does. Then, when you go to "refresh" your system, you have to enter your encryption password.
For added security, Windows 8 could allow you to make a bootable recovery USB. Then you can just make your recovery USB stick, and throw it in a drawer somewhere. Then when your computer gets infected all to hell, just plug in your recovery stick, boot to it, and then let the USB reinstall the image you made. That way, there's no possible way that malware can still be present on your refreshed install unless it was already there when you made your image, or if you plugged the USB into a booted, infected machine.

Comment: It's a start. (Score 2) 168

by Dremth (#38581542) Attached to: Transformer Prime To Get ICS On January 12, Boot Unlocker Coming
It's nice to see more and more manufacturers providing the option for customers unlock the bootloaders for their Android devices, but does it really have to void the warranty? I mean, can't they determine if a failure was a direct result of unlocking the bootloader? If you unlock your phone's bootloader and then brick your phone trying to install some weird crap, then it's clearly your fault and shouldn't be covered by your warranty, but if your screen dies or your battery explodes, it probably has nothing to do with whether or not you unlocked the device's bootloader.

Comment: Re:Ubisoft (Score 1) 591

by Dremth (#37062208) Attached to: Reaction To <em>Diablo 3's</em> Always-Online Requirement
Exactly. And, WHY did it reduce piracy? Was it truly because of the highly restrictive DRM making it "harder" for pirates? Or was it because not even pirates decided the game was worth the trouble, let alone the average gamer? I know I certainly didn't (and won't) buy any Ubisoft games. And EA is next on my list of "publishers not to give money to."

Comment: In other news... (Score 1) 249

by Dremth (#36649000) Attached to: Google's Six-Front War
In other news, scientists in Kansas have completed an experiment and determined that water is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, is a liquid at room temperature, and that water is, in fact, wet. We can only ponder the implications this has for the human race and life on Earth.

Comment: But, see, (Score 2) 118

by Dremth (#36522676) Attached to: AMD Rejects SYSmark Benchmark
I don't care about SYSmark telling me whether any given Intel CPU is better than any given AMD CPU or vice versa. What I really care about is finding out if the newly released Intel/AMD [insert arbitrary name here] CPU/GPU is truly better than the old Intel/AMD [insert arbitrary name here] CPU/GPU. By the time I get to the point of looking into concrete numbers from benchmarks, I've already decided whether I'm going to get an AMD or an Intel processor. The real problem that I have with all this benchmarking crap is why these manufacturers don't just provide us with coherent naming schemes for their CPU's (and GPU's too) so we as customers can fully understand the product they're trying to sell us.

Comment: Re:Kraken Cray XT5 (Score 1) 76

by Dremth (#36234490) Attached to: Cray Unveils Its First GPU Supercomputer
My mistake then. I was basing my information off of this:

Total network hashing: 1,747 Ghash/sec

Either the network strength has significantly increased in the past week, or one of those two sites shouldn't be trusted. Your source looks more reliable.

Comment: Re:Kraken Cray XT5 (Score 1) 76

by Dremth (#36234432) Attached to: Cray Unveils Its First GPU Supercomputer
Ok, yes, but the difficulty would increase for everyone mining as well. Last I checked, the entire bitcoin network had a mining strength of 1,747 Ghash/s. The Kraken alone has about 367 Ghash/s. That's 21% of the entire network. With all that power coming into the network at once, you're still bound to make a TON of bitcoins, because you're essentially taking a substantially large portion of bitcoins from other miners. I did neglect to factor in the scaling of difficulty (and that's why I said it was a rough calculation. Maybe I should've emphasized "rough" more), so you may not make as much as 1,511.61 BTC/day, but you're still going to make quite a bit (no pun intended).

Comment: Kraken Cray XT5 (Score 1, Interesting) 76

by Dremth (#36233738) Attached to: Cray Unveils Its First GPU Supercomputer
I did some rough calculations regarding NICS's Kraken Cray XT5 and bitcoin mining. FYI, The Kraken was the 8th fastest supercomputer in Novermber of 2010. I determined that if the supercomputer put forth all of it's resources to mine bitcoins, it could generate 1,511.61 per day (or about $8,450.53/day). Granted, the Kraken has just regular CPU's doing the calculations. I could only imagine what a Cray supercomputer with GPU's in it would be capable of...

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