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Comment Re:And only 50p a day... (Score 2) 119

For me, it wasn't Clarkson, per se, but the chemistry between the three of them. I enjoyed the show, and only a little of that enjoyment came from the cars. It was mostly Clarkson, May, and Hammond.

Now they've got Chris Evans replacing Clarkson and probably a pair of unknowns joining him (open auditions). It's going to take a while for any sort of chemistry to build. I fear it's going to be like Top Gear USA which, at least initially, was trying to copy Top Gear UK with 3 guys who had zero chemistry. It was terrible..

Comment Cost and Experience (Score 3, Interesting) 400

IMHO, ticket sales are tanking due to the cost of tickets and the movie going experience. I'd pretty much stopped going to see movies in the theater because I was sick of paying a lot of money for a terrible experience at my local Regal. Starting with the supposed show time, you'd get about 15-20 minutes of commercials, the MPAA PSA that accuses you of being a thief, a couple of trailers, and finally, a half hour after it was supposed to start, the movie. Then, during the movie, half the audience would be jabbering away, cell phones going off all the time, and even people shining laser pointers at the screen. And the theater wouldn't do anything to try to stop it.

Now that I have an Alamo, I'm starting to go to movies again because it's completely different. Tickets for regular showings are cheaper than the matinee showings were at Regal and the experience is FAR better. Add to that good food and drink, and it's wins all around.

Comment Re:Luggage? (Score 1) 349

I realize it's not in their job description, but they chose to take over the only point that everyone has to go through. People can check in online and skip the ticket counter.

It's one thing for a bag that is slightly too big for the overhead on a smaller regional jet, but they're letting through the full sized bags that are blatantly oversized.

Comment Re: tfa says carry-on, one-way (Score 1) 349

I don't know if this is still OK in the United States of Scaredy-cats, but I got on a flight at the first stop (Las Vegas, instead of my booked origin of Salt Lake City) of my booked route without issue when I was on my way home from vacation several years ago.

Comment Re:Luggage? (Score 1) 349

My last few flights on Delta, they were gate checking bags though to your destination. There was no option to get it back at the next stop.

Frankly, I prefer this since it prevents the massive clusterfuck of people blocking the ramp waiting for their bag while everyone else is trying to get off the plane. A few years ago, you'd only see a dozen or so folks waiting, now it's half the plane since nobody wants to pay the the check bag fee. This wasn't helped by the idjits at the TSA checkpoint allowing bags that were obviously too large through as "carry ons." The security checkpoint should be making those people go back to the ticket counter and check their bags before letting them through.

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