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Comment: What is the point? (Score 4, Insightful) 88

by asa (#48247381) Attached to: Firefox OS Coming To Raspberry Pi

What was the point of Firefox? IE was free and was a proven and already well-established browser. By your logic, we never should have built Firefox and the Web should have stalled with IE6 in 2002.

The world needs a truly open mobile OS as much as it needed a truly open browser a decade ago. Android is open in name only and Google is hurriedly moving its most lucrative components into closed proprietary services and apps that aren't a part of open source Android. iOS is as closed as everything Apple does. Windows is getting some nice HTML5 support for apps, but not nearly enough. There's clearly an opportunity for HTML5 apps to compete on mobile if someone can build a solid alternative platform to the monopolies and silos we're all stuck with today.

Comment: Re:That's not the reason you're being ignored. (Score 1) 406

by Drathos (#48143525) Attached to: Flight Attendants Want Stricter Gadget Rules Reinstated

If that's the case, they should also be calling for a ban on books and earplugs and should stop providing magazines/SkyMall for people to thumb through during those phases. But they're not and, as far as I know, they never have.

Before the electronics ban was lifted by the FAA, I demonstrated to a few of flight attendants how my noise canceling headphones made it easier to hear and understand them (since it's really only effective on the steady (engine and wind) noise, not on variable sound (talking)).

Comment: Re:billing address checks? what checks? (Score 1) 172

by Drathos (#47921259) Attached to: Quickflix Wants Netflix To Drop Australian VPN Users

The content owners don't let Netflix have the same content everywhere. They have to negotiate whole new licenses for each country they want to serve.

They're allowing the VPN users because, to Netflix, it looks like it's coming from a valid IP in the US. That's the whole point of the consumers using the VPN services - to trick the geolocation check that Netflix has.

Comment: Re:Mozilla doesn't build hardware (Score 3, Interesting) 89

by asa (#47289059) Attached to: Mozilla Is Working On a Firefox OS-powered Streaming Stick

Your attempt to confuse here isn't really helpful.

Google does *sell* Google Glass and Nexus phones and tablets and Chromecast and Nest and soon Dropcams and probably more. They are "Google products" branded and sold by Google as theirs.

Mozilla only has one device that it works on directly, the Firefox OS Flame reference phone. The rest of the hardware you see out there is being made and sold by someone else.

And that's not just true of the hardware. Much of the work going on to extend Firefox OS software into areas outside of phones is being done by third parties for their products.

Comment: Mozilla doesn't build hardware (Score 4, Informative) 89

by asa (#47288955) Attached to: Mozilla Is Working On a Firefox OS-powered Streaming Stick

Mozilla doesn't build hardware. We make software, including Firefox OS. Firefox OS is a completely open platform freely available for any company to build on top of without restriction. There are dozens of companies building Firefox OS-based products today and there will be more tomorrow, covering mobile phones, tablets, TVs, set top boxes, game consoles, streaming dongles, wearables, and more. Some of those companies are working directly with Mozilla and others are taking the code and running with it on their own.

Comment: This is news? (Score 3, Insightful) 44

by Drathos (#47084303) Attached to: Hawaii's Oahu Used To Be a Bigger Island

My first reaction was "Um.. Duh?"

I learned this in middle school, I believe. The Hawaiian Islands are a chain that's formed by the movement of the Pacific Plate across a hot spot. As it passes over, a volcano builds up and builds up, eventually forming an island that keeps growing as long as the vent stays over the hot spot. Eventually, it will move on and start eroding, while another volcano starts up at the ocean floor. All of the Hawaiian Islands except for Hawai'i (The Big Island) are currently shrinking, while Hawai'i is still growing. If you look at charts of the Pacific Ocean's floor, you can see a long chain going all the way to the subduction zone at the Aleutian Trench.

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