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Comment Re:Not necessarily malice (Score 1) 423

Android Auto doesn't want this data to send back to the Google farm. Their demos have shown a place for car info to be displayed while staying in Android Auto instead of jumping back to the car's UI. They obviously need to get this data from the car somehow if they're going to do it.

Google already has a source of speed and location data (Maps and Waze). There's no need to get that info from the car via Android Auto.

Comment Re:And only 50p a day... (Score 2) 119

For me, it wasn't Clarkson, per se, but the chemistry between the three of them. I enjoyed the show, and only a little of that enjoyment came from the cars. It was mostly Clarkson, May, and Hammond.

Now they've got Chris Evans replacing Clarkson and probably a pair of unknowns joining him (open auditions). It's going to take a while for any sort of chemistry to build. I fear it's going to be like Top Gear USA which, at least initially, was trying to copy Top Gear UK with 3 guys who had zero chemistry. It was terrible..

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