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by Lumpy (#47966913) Attached to: Google Partners With HTC For Latest Nexus Tablet

"They want a healthy, open platform with lots of innovation. "

Then why do they allow cellphone carriers to bake in their crap to the point that you cant delete it. Fricking AT&T installs so much damn crap on the HTC ONE M8 that is baked into the rom that it's disgusting, coupled with the craptastic HTC Sense that is also forced upon you and you have a Worse experience for the end user.

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by metlin (#47965785) Attached to: My resting heart rate:

Yeah, good point on the protein levels. I have found that hydration plays a huge role in terms of how your protein workups show in your urine screens.

The creatine levels are usually high because I'm usually a vegetarian, so I tend to go through adding some creatine in my shakes (cycle through them). I think on that particular day, I was perhaps a little less hydrated than I should have been, resulting in higher levels than usual. In any event, I know I'm over-saturated with creatine and need hydration when I start having cramps.

And you're right about see-sawing on fitness. I don't necessarily see-saw per se, but I do go through bulk and cut periods (i.e., winter and summer). And so at the peak of a cut with lots of active workouts thrown in, my resting heart rate is lower. At the peak of my bulk with almost only weight exercises thrown in (usually around the winter holidays), my resting heart rate is higher. It's a good thing I can wear sweaters then to cover up my fatceps. :-)

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by Lumpy (#47965455) Attached to: Kickstarter Lays Down New Rules For When a Project Fails

I have backed well over 30 kick-starters and every single one delivered.

The trick is having a brain when you fund one. Almost every one of the failed kick-starters had a LOT of red flags in the beginning.

Yes this means you need to be educated and smart to be successful in Kick-starter backing.. Just like everything else in the world. The problem is there are a lot of noisy idiots that think that kick-starter is like ebay and they whine loudly.

The stock market is 100% identical to Kick-starter. if you invest like an idiot you will lose everything.

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by Lumpy (#47965315) Attached to: Kickstarter Lays Down New Rules For When a Project Fails

we have a winner! call me when this "glass" can last 2 winters in northern Michigan, Wisconsin, or Minnesota. The idea is flawed as all hell in regards to durability.

Then you have adhesion, until they prove that this glass has the same adhesion dry and wet as asphalt or cement it's a major fail. even highly textured glass is slippery compared to a smooth cement.

Lastly there are a TON of other factors that make the whole idea a failure that should not be funded.

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by metlin (#47961045) Attached to: My resting heart rate:

I've usually been fairly fit (lots of rock climbing, rowing, and general working out), but a few years ago, I was in the best possible shape of my life.

I went to the doctor for a annual physical and my resting heart rate was ~52-55 bpm. The nurse freaked out, and called the doctor and rechecked, who basically said I must be in shape (I proceeded to lift my t-shirt to show my almost abs). My thyroid levels were also slightly low because it was summer and I was on a cut. They freaked out about a few other things (e.g., creating levels in my urine, my protein consumption etc), but overall, the workups came out quite positive.

These days, it's slightly higher (low 60s), but regular workouts usually help a lot. If I am generally in shape for ~6 months, they go down by ~10 bpm. If I let go for a while, they go right back up by ~20 bpm.

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by metlin (#47960953) Attached to: Mark Zuckerberg Throws Pal Joe Green Under the Tech Immigration Bus

H-1B visa: The H-1B is a non-immigrant visa

H1B is called a non-immigrant visa because you cannot use *that* visa to immigrate.

However, H1B is also recognized as a dual-intent visa.

That's why you can file for your green card while you're on an H1B, through your employer.

There are many visas that are non-immigrant visas that are dual intent because the visa in itself doesn't grant you the right to become an immigrant, but is used to file for a change of intent.

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Timothy and other Slashdot Editors,

I am afraid that I must post an addendum to my previous call for assistance. The difficulty of the interface appears to be more considerable than I had initially realised.

Unfortunately, the interface does not load all comments on the page. In fact, only one comment is loaded on any given page, and the "load more comments" area / button provided, when pressed, does not in fact load anything. As such I am unable to determine whether my previous comment has been replied to, or indeed whether it has been posted at all. In short I can no longer see or read comments.

In the hope that this message will be seen, I will periodically attempt to post messages of aid in a scattering of stories. Whether these "post in a bottle" will reach you, or float at all, is something I can only hope for at this point.

In the meantime I shall see if the pieces of flat design driftwood can be lash togther into a makeshift civilisation of sorts. However this island appears quite desolate. The floating header follows whereever I go. Perhaps I will try to converse with it.

In any case I remain your hopeful servant,

A poster trapped in Beta

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by ObsessiveMathsFreak (#47958055) Attached to: NY Magistrate: Legal Papers Can Be Served Via Facebook

Timothy and other Slashdot Editors,

I regret making such an offtopic post, but I am afraid that I have found myself trapped on the "new" new Slashdot Beta site and I cannot seem to leave it.

The site features an extremely modern "flat" design. So modern in fact that there do not appear to be any visible links, menus, navigation bars, page divisions, or icons at all. A "slide out" option to move back to Slashdot classic pops up from time to time, only to disappear as I try to click it. I believe I may need to use a "charm" type gesture or spell in order to properly summon such advanced features, but I am not privy to the precise incantations.

As such I am currently stuck on the new Slashdot Beta with no way of returning to a more usable interface. I find this most unsatisfactory, somewhat frustrating, and feel I have little other option but to send this call for assistance.

I possess an advanced STEM degree and over 25 years expierience with technology, software and the web. I feel I can positively contribute to discussion on this site, but this new interface is making the site too difficult to use.


A user trapped on Beta

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by xeno (#47954293) Attached to: Star Wars Producers Want a 'DroneShield' To Prevent Leaks On Set

They're overthinking the problem. It's in Georgia. All's ya need to do is give BillyBob's thousand-year-old grampy a decent slingshot and a bucket of marbles, and tell him you'll pay him $250 every time he can hit one of those tiny little gummint spy planes.

Better yet, get him to tell his fishing buddies about the prize, and his buddies, etc... until you have a low level permeation thru the community. Just remember to pay 'em (and pay out of the set's lunch fund on an obfuscated line item that says something suitably snarky like "humble pie" or "tasty crow".) Oh, and tell 'em old guys: you can't eat what you catch, but you can resell the parts on ebay.... :)

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by xeno (#47951257) Attached to: The Minecraft Parent

Oh, wow, dude... Calm down. Have some water.
I gotta say, "goosestepping neckbeard" is the best thing I've been called in weeks. And no, a low UID only means I showed up. Just like you did.

I could type something nice about Minecraft, but I already did in another thread today: stuff about minecraft being an excellent UI for 3D printer data.

And try not to lunge so hard at obvious trollage. :)

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