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by Dragonslicer (#46746569) Attached to: Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

I have heard, from a recently minted M.D., the opinion that "it doesn't matter if breast cancer screening causes breast cancer, because once we detect it, we can treat it." I, lacking a medical degree, am obviously not smart enough to fathom this reasoning, how we should go around breaking people because we think we know how to fix them later?

Are you trying to say that screening for breast cancer is the only possible cause of breast cancer? Even if screening increases the number of cases by 1% (to use an arbitrary percentage), but reduces the death rate by 75% (to use another arbitrary percentage), that's still a net win.

It doesn't take a medical professional to understand simple math.

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by Dragonslicer (#46536039) Attached to: Interviews: Ask J. Michael Straczynski What You Will

Why did you make a movie and then name it World War Z when it had nothing in common with the source material except for a title?

Because the movie that was released had relatively little to do with the screenplay that JMS wrote. In fact, they had to add some of JMS's writing back in when they released how terrible the later revisions were.

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last I checked everyone there benefits from the electriicty Duke makes, of course utilities get special treatment. any financial punishment of Duke would just raise your electric bill, they are called "Utilities" for a reason

So why financially punish any company ever, since they'll just pass the costs on to the customers?

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Remember, those who do not vaccinate their children put their children at risk, but these are THEIR children, not 'ours'. If they want the freedom to choose how to raise their children, they need to accept the responsibility for their actions.

Does that responsibility include negligent homicide when their kid who isn't vaccinated infects someone else's kid and kills them?

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