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Comment Re:Hire Programmers from Boston or Italy (Score 1) 401

From experience driving in western Mass, I have to say that is a terrifying thought. You turning on your turn signal tells the other driver they need to floor it to keep you from moving over.

This is how we know that you're just making it up. Nobody in Massachusetts uses turn signals.

Comment Re:Poor example (Score 2) 401

Well, I haven't really met up with a cyclist doing a track stand. In 99.9% of cases, the cyclist just blows through the intersection. The other 1 out of 1,000 times, the cyclist will do circles or figure eights.

Either of those cases will likely confuse the software. It certainly confuses regular drivers, and pisses them off.

You forgot about the pedestrians in the crosswalk that the cyclist came within 6 inches of hitting. It pisses them off, too.

Comment Re: Poor example (Score 1) 401

I am all for drivers being polite, but they should not confuse other drivers with breaking right-of-way rules. A lot of people seem to not understand 4 way stop rules as it is, without people throwing a wrench I the whole process.

Sometimes they aren't being as polite as they think. If there aren't any cars behind them, the other driver would have gotten out sooner if they had just kept going. Instead, the other driver has to wait for them to slow down enough to be certain of what they're doing.

Comment Re:PBS show of cellphone cancer recently (Score 1) 456

A third party documentary title Mobilize suggested cellphone radiation may be cause head and cheast cancers. ANd that telecom lobby was quashing research into this.

No you didn't. Documentaries typically describe reality (i.e. document something).

Comment Re:When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 1, Insightful) 456

Subject says it all. It really is time to start taking lawyers and other bottom feeders to task. Mentally ill people should be treated for their paranoia, not have it confirmed.

I have no problem with the lady getting assistance, but unfortunately the courts think they or a jury can decide what the cause is.

Based on just the title, I had no problem with it either. My first thought was how nice it must be to live in a civilized country that treats severe mental illnesses as a legitimate disability.

Comment Re:Classic problem of tech culture (Score 2) 95

How can you maximize the advantages of outcome-based education, without standardized linguistics targeted to areas of core competencies? Hiring managers have expressed interest in consensus oriented, business ready, net native, grey hats, who speak in code and collaborate in dynamic non-traditional employment. To breed a culture of millenial code beasts, we must reach into their social sphere, and peer coach them with best practices.

Your theory is obviously complete bullshit. You don't even have any synergy.

Comment Re:subjects in comments are stupid (Score 1) 280

In the USA, a recipe can't be covered by copyright because it's a collection of facts and directions, but theoretically it can be patented as a process and/or composition of matter. It's very difficult to get a recipe past prior art and obviousness, but it is considered patentable subject matter.

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