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Comment Re:The question is 'why' (Score 1) 308

There is no "why" other than padding sales numbers and not losing ground to Linux in embedded deployments.

Win10 IoT is aimed at embedded systems vendors, not hobbyists or makers. It is specifically intended to replace all the old XP/CE deployments that still exist. They're tossing it out to end users (people who might buy a kit like this if it didn't involve Windows) as a bone. The OS itself is just a glorified bootloader for a Universal App: no shell (unless PowerShell counts), no desktop, and even some of the GPIOs are inaccessible. Plus, you need another full Win10 machine to load anything on it. Maintain vendor lock-in? Check.

MS wants to get to a BILLION Win10 devices, and IoT is a stunt to get there faster: that many forced upgrades and Surface/WinPhone slaes will never happen, but the embedded vendors will happily push them along so they can sell new ATMs and POS systems at outrageous markups.

Comment Re:First... (Score 1) 167

The thing about almost every D&D setting is that they are either a clone of something else (chiefly Tolkien), or don't represent what most people think of first about D&D (Dark Sun, Planescape, and Ravenloft aren't generic fantasy). I'm pretty sure Dragonlance is simply off the table, as it were.

Movie studios want a built-in audience, and as Marvel and DC know well, audience is attached to characters, not setting. What characters does D&D have with an audience big enough to pique a studio's interest? Without Dragonlance they both are in Forgotten Realms: Elminster and Drizzt. Elminster would be rightly seen as a Gandalf knock-off, but no one has put Dark Elves on the big screen before. You'd have to get Salvatore on board and convince a lot of people that a 25 year old AD&D 2nd Edition character can carry a franchise aimed at driving 5th Edition. I think it would be a hard sell all around... would people go to see a Drow movie, or three of them, and still remember that it's D&D?

Because D&D is generic (enough to simulate other properties) it has few unique and compelling character assets of its own. And Hasbro has fucked a lot of shit up with regard to how valuable any of those characters can be outside of game materials.

Comment Re:Maybe I'm too old (Score 1) 128

Exactly. Node is a solution looking for a problem, the problem being that people who only know JS only want to know JS. In their near total lack of wisdom they see everything as a nail, being armed with a Fisher-Price hammer. JS should stay quarantined in the browser.

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