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Comment: Re:Wordpress is crap (Score 1) 58

by Dracos (#46470345) Attached to: Large DDoS Attack Brings WordPress Pingback Abuse Back Into Spotlight

I agree, WP is shit from end to end. Poor practices, horrible architecture, and just generally bad code quality... pretty much the most offensive plate of spaghetti I've ever seen. It's almost worse that many people now insist that WP is a CMS, rather than just a blog playing dress-up.

Comment: Re:So, can it play Crysis at full framerates, or.. (Score 2) 219

by Dracos (#45892485) Attached to: Intel Puts a PC Into an SD Card-Sized Casing

Come on, even an Arduino Uno has an MSRP above $20.

Intel priced their Galileo at $70 to compete with Arduino, RasPi, Teensy, BeagleBone, etc, almost all of which are less than $50. I expect Intel to price Edison even higher. If Intel really wants to be a player in the Maker segment, they've got to get serious about the price points.

Comment: Re:All in favor of Elop getting the job? (Score 1) 292

by Dracos (#45371761) Attached to: Stephen Elop Would Pull a Nokia On Microsoft

None of the names I've seen on the shortlist should get the job. MS rose to power with a technologist (Gates, FWIW) at the helm, but under an accountant (Ballmer) has mostly moved forward on intertia that Gates created. If the MS Board wants to see the company get back on track, they need to install another technologist... ideally someone with credibility to satisfy business customers, and a likeable personality that end-user consumers (and developers) can identify with favorably. There are probably perople who better fit that description, but Ray Ozzie comes to my mind... too bad everyone as MS thoroughly pissed him off.

That being said, Elop can't strictly pull a Nokia on Microsoft... he was a Trojan Horse sent by MS to dismantle Nokia. Who would be Odysseus in this new scenario?

Comment: Re:Misleading criticism of title... (Score 1) 160

by Dracos (#45365605) Attached to: Google Is Testing a Program That Tracks Your Purchases In the Real World

I never have GPS or network location location enabled, but damn if don't still kill that infernal MapsPrefetcherService a dozen times a day, along with a bunch of other crap that insists on running as a service. Google is the reason why I find myself trusting Android a little bit less every day.

Comment: "more traditional email experience" (Score 4, Insightful) 435

by Dracos (#45285815) Attached to: The Case Against Gmail

Hardly. Every time they change the UI it feels less like email, and more like a strange conglomeration of email, social media, and instant messaging, where email always loses importance. I personally find the whack-a-mole buttons annoying as hell, especially since the one I use second most ("mark as read") is buried under "More".

And I'm sure anyone here who has tried to deal with Gmail as an IMAP server has yanked out at least one fistful of their own hair.

Comment: WYSIWYGs vs Markdown (Score 2) 204

by Dracos (#45183185) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Do You Use Markdown and Pandoc?

As a web developer, I understand the need to allow users to create content. However, I consider full blown web-based WYSIWYGs (such as TinyMCE and CK Editor) to be terrible tools. Yes, they take care of most of the dirty details, but they also have the capacity produce bloated garbage markup. I've always found bbCode annoying. I've used a couple of Wiki syntaxes as well (MediaWiki, Jira), and find them only slightly less annoying than bbCode. Because I know HTML, I prefer to just write HTML when I know the final format will be HTML.

Markdown syntax is clean, succinct, and can be extended when needed. The vast majority of non-savvy users only need to do basic formatting (bold, italics, headlines, lists) and Markdown covers that very well, in a way that the user can't do much damage to the prescribed styling of the content.

I've very briefly experimented with LaTEX, not enough to have actually used it for anything. I was not aware of PanDoc, but it looks very interesting.

Comment: Re:A bit iffy??? (Score 2) 91

by Dracos (#45147083) Attached to: 35,000 vBulletin Sites Have Already Been Exploited By Week Old Hole

Uploading images or other files that will not be executed by the CMS is not the issue here. The ability to upload modules and plugins is a much greater risk. Being able to delete those things (as granted by write permission) can render the entire CMS inoperable. The further insanity of allowing code to be editable within the CMS is even more dangerous, as that can introduce simple breakage via a syntax error and be a good place for malicious code to hide, easily placed there by a compromised CMS account.

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