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Comment: Re:False Summary - Haigh Agrees with Knuth's Thesi (Score 4, Insightful) 126

by Dracos (#48676173) Attached to: Donald Knuth Worried About the "Dumbing Down" of Computer Science History

there are indeed no good technical histories of computer science, and little prospect of any.

I see the posthumous reactions to Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie as indicators that Knuth is absolutely right. Jobs, who was essentially just a marketing asshole, gets every manner of fanfare commemorating his "world-changing" achievements. Ritchie on the other hand is almost completely ignored in the media, even though he is one of the giants upon whose shoulders Jobs undeservingly stood.

I bet anyone here would agree that co-authoring UNIX is a far more important event than being the iPod/iPhone taskmaster.

Comment: Ugh, WordPress (Score 4, Informative) 31

by Dracos (#48621145) Attached to: Book Review: Build Your Own Website: A Comic Guide to HTML, CSS, and WordPress

WordPress is garbage. People need to realize that its superficial ease of use should not be a heavily weighted factor in choosing a CMS (for the record, WP is not a CMS, it's a blog script playing dress up). Making technical product decisions by argumentum ad populum is similarly dangerous. Pointing beginners at WP is to do them a great disservice in the long run.

Why is WP garbage?

  • Horrible architecture
  • Laughable database schema
  • Terrible coding practices, even for PHP
  • It is a relic from the days of PHP 4, because the development team refuse to break compatibility
  • A large community of self-described "developers" who learned all the PHP they know from the rest of the WP community that only knows how to write terrible PHP, because they mostly learn from WP itself.

All of these are contributing factors to the regular parade of WP exploits.

Now before you immediately mod this as flamebait, know that I have worked with WP in the past. I'm currently in the process of migrating a WP site to Drupal. I've read the codebase... it's one of the messiest plates of spaghetti I've ever seen. Just for kicks I grep'd the WP codebase for the global keyword... 2122 instances found. There's simply no excuse for that.

WordPress is a scourge. PHP's reputation (whatever you may think of it) is lessened by the mere existence of WP, even if PHP is the only language that could spawn such a shoddy product, much less allow it to thrive.

Comment: Re:Not Until I Can Download A Car (Score 1) 175

by Dracos (#48612499) Attached to: 3D Printer?

A couple months ago I downloaded a complete VW engine. One of the other hackerspace members has a Baja Bug that he wants to convert to fuel injection, so I modified the intake runners in Blender. The plan is to print the parts in PLA and cast them in aluminum.... one of the first things we'll cast once we've built the furnace.

But anyway, you can download the Local Motors desert racer.

Comment: Re:And the #1 option is... (Score 3, Informative) 62

by Dracos (#48584373) Attached to: 3D Printer Owner's Network Puts Together Buyer's Guide

Chinese factories already do spit that stuff out by the ton. It is outrageous that 1kg of filament costs $35 to $50, when 1kg of plastic pellets costs $4 to $8.

One of the first things the hackerspace I belong to bought was a FilaStruder so we can make our own filament. We figure it'll pay for itself after 10 spools.

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