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Comment Re:And 90% of the reason to use Google Docs... (Score 2) 199 199

Only isn't what's happening at all. You can read still the .doc they send you without any issues. You can even create a .doc on your computer and upload it to Docs and send it to someone. You just won't be able to take a file on Docs and then save it to your computer as a .doc which admittedly there are uses for but they're definitely a minority.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 394 394

Only you failed to read the part where this is comparing 1024x768 to 1366x768...and that wasn't even the summary it was the damn title. Come on guys! The point here is really that the baseline resolution for cheap laptop panels went up a bit. Sure you didn't get anymore height but you certainly did get more pixels and you didn't lose anything in the process so just shut up and be happy.

Comment Re:Low efficiency? (Score 0) 123 123

That is a good point but it may not feel nice and comfy if 300A flows through your thumb to get from the hot prong you're touching to the ground prong. I was referring more to a solution of the exact opposite nature. Rather than having a extra long connector have a very short prong or even just a flat conductor on the surface of the plug that has to make contact with the receptacle before any current flows through the main circuit.

Comment Re:Low efficiency? (Score 5, Insightful) 123 123

You simply need to include a low voltage "handshake" type setup in the charging circuit and then only start the high power transfer once the plug is fully engaged. This shouldn't be too hard to implement for even a mildly clever engineer totally removes that risk.

Submission + - Easy Way to Teach Troubleshooting ->

An anonymous reader writes: I don't know about all of you, but is seems like I am constantly being asked to help others with computer problems. Of course I don't mind doing others a favor and helping out, but much of the time these problems are easily solved with a simple search on Google. This article easily explains a good way to generate search terms for troubleshooting computer and software problems. Read and pass on to your mom, your sister, your grandpa, whoever asks you for computer help. In no time they will be solving their own problems.
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Comment Re:Firefox 4 (Score 1) 105 105

I'm liking FF4 so far. I was using Chrome but they never fixed my endless "Sending request" bug, no matter how many times I and others reported it, so I'm giving up on them for now.

Open your proxy settings and uncheck "Automatically detect settings" and your "Sending request" bug will be gone.

Comment Re:Do no Evil? (Score 1, Insightful) 73 73

You really should have tried at least reading the summary. Cold calling competitors is exactly what Google had an agreement with these companies NOT to do. The justice department is forcing them to dissolve that agreement out of the notion that it is hurting the employees to not receive these cold calls. Next time try listening a little before opening your mouth.

Comment Re:Bells and Whistles? (Score 1) 222 222

My apologies. I had never tried to pile my icons like that anywhere other than the desktop. It appears you are correct that it is a problem in other folders. As far as the align to grid vs auto arrange question you'll find that auto arrange overrides align to grid but if you un-check that and keep align to grid checked (which is enabled by default in w7) then you can move the icons to other parts of the screen but they can't overlap which is what I expect you meant by piling them. So both need to be unchecked to do what you want.

Comment Re:Awesome project, deceiving "resolution" (Score 1) 120 120

Well I can tell you it certainly doesn't end well on the windows side either if you choose to click "Set as Desktop Background" instead of the "Open With" option that lives right below. It ate right through all my glorious 8 gigs of memory and pegged my i7 for a good minute before I could kill explorer. I would not recommend it in the future...

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