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Comment Re:None of that will matter (Score 1) 429

I had an interesting thought about inexperienced devs and mistakes. With the rise of release often, this means those errors have less of an impact because you can fix the problem right away and just deploy again. It's not like old software where you have to make sure everything works before you release. Now, t's all about fail fast and often to become successful, and the older devs just don't have that mentality. They actually become a choke point on your release schedule. I don't know, may be I am just grasping at straws, but the 'new way' of doing software is very different from the past.

Comment Re:Quick question (Score 1) 70

I have worked on medical projects, and here's what I know. With medical, the medical related certification you need (in the US) is what's called a 510K pre-market approval from the FDA. Now, you only need the 510K if you are going to market and sell it. If you aren't doing that, then you don't need 510K approval. Part of the thinking is that experimental research devices (usually overseen by a MD) can be tested without going through lengthy review. Of course once you have the intention of marketing and selling, you would want to start filing for it. The FDA did put in new ruling for mobile apps recently though, basically it's an exemption for 510K for that category.

Comment Re:How have we ruled out measurement or model erro (Score 1) 117

2 and 3 are less and less likely because there is observational evidence of dark matter using different methods. e.g. rotation of galaxy and lensing which are different observations, but point to one cause which is increased mass of matter that's not detectable in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Comment Observation (Score 3, Informative) 133

I think a big difference is in how you can just 'fire' people casually in FLOSS. You don't have to accept people's pull request. You can tell them their code sucks, w/o sugar coating it. There's also non-monetary incentives that drives FLOSS that you'll have a hard time duplicating. That said, may be make it clear to your boss that you should be given the power to reject bad code w/o lengthy explanation. The ability to change team members easily if need be. Also, may be the ability to say more about a project when posting job positions, and not just the generic, "Over x years of experience in y". The linux kernel is a good example. Also, you must have people who knows git well.

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