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Comment Re: Raspberry Pi 2 (Score 1) 182

Besides no connectivity, and you need more adapters and dongles than with a "normal" Pi, the Pi 2 is a good bit faster than the Pi Zero. It (the Pi 2) is absolutely fast enough for some moderate desktop needs. It could very likely even replace most office computers, assuming any custom apps could be ported to Linux.

Comment Re:Children or not (Score 1) 200

Since there are no longer criminal penalties all of those pesky constitutional guarantees fall to the wayside.

Except for the one that says we're not supposed to deprived of property without due process... that applies whether it's "civil" or not. And of course, if the fine's over $20 you could ask for a jury trial. Gee, maybe the founders were on to something there... oh yeah, they tried to pull crap like this back in the 18th century too.

Comment Re:If you don't like the textbooks, (Score 2) 337

Number one, there is a controversy. I know you think only famous cosmologists, mechanical engineers who used to host science shows for kids, and the fossil fuel companies count. But there are actual CLIMATE SCIENTISTS who have doubts, not to mention a large potion of the public.

Second, unless you're a fan of damnatio memorae, controversies should be mentioned even if they were wrong. You know, like aether theories, eugenics, phrenology, bloodletting...

Comment Re:Who chose the word "worker"? (Score 1) 337

There were slaves imported up to 1808, when it was finally outlawed (the Constitution required that it not be done until 1808). That being said, I really doubt there were even hundreds of thousands between independence (whether traditionally 1776, de facto 1781, or de jure 1783).

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