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Comment This is great! (Score 1) 720

I'm so glad that my wife's labtop, which cannot handle Windows 8.1, let alone, Windows 10, will get nagged 2x daily to install an OS that WILL NOT WORK on the laptop. I've tried. Netowrk drivers, touch screen and touch pad all fail and the lap top maker says it will not support windows 8.1 or Windows 10. This is total BS form M$FT.

Comment In One hand... (Score 1) 334

@LWATCDR First you write of great news to open source, Mozilla donates $100k to help development progress to Ogg which has Vorbis and Theora, but then basically say the donation was a waste because it wasn't a different codec. Can't we be grateful that a donation was made in the first place? And a hefty donation at that.

Cheers Mozilla!

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