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The Military

Dr_Ken's Journal: Are Americans Overlawyered, Process-Obsessed or Just Plain Nuts?

Journal by Dr_Ken

In recent days we have seen some very successful attacks against foreign based Al Qaeda terrorists with drone strikes. Please note that when the USAF killed these guys with missiles they killed a few others along with them as well. And what was the reaction here in the US? Oh well. Those are the breaks. You hang with terrorists and you get what they get.

True enough. But contrast that reaction with what happens when one of them is captured instead of liquidated. If they get water-boarded or are subjected to other forms of abuse or have their legal rights infringed upon we react with furor and outrage. WE DO NOT TORTURE Americans exclaim. But we can, have, and will continue to kill them as well as any unlucky passersby. That however is just fine. Go figure? Only in America I guess.

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Are Americans Overlawyered, Process-Obsessed or Just Plain Nuts?

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