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Comment Re:That's Crazy Expensive (Score 1) 379

Ensure is designed as a supplement. There are various groups who find it difficult to consume enough calories - as odd as that sounds. Loss of appetite, or recovery from surgery, or mental disorders that mean you dislike food (I strongly suspected the inventor of Soylent to have one of these but I think it's unfounded). It's not a complete nutritional replacement.

They've even used it for force-feeding hunger strikers at Guantanamo.

Comment Re:UK NHS (Score 2) 186

We do have interoperability standards : I used to work for the department that specifies them.

They just don't follow them. Case in point : the meta-standard (HL7 v3) that we used for our messaging had a mechanism for not just sending NULL values, but also sending a reason why they were null. (e.g. - the value wasn't measured, etc). The vendor had no truck with that, and was using magic numbers instead (e.g. baby weights of 9999g which is outside the realms of sanity for a newborn). I was tasked with revamping one of the messages. I specified that the proper NULL flavours get used and ditch the magic numbers.

The vendor at this point rolled out the "full system test" clause in their contract, whereby they could charge £N * 10^6 to perform a full system test, because we'd changed the behaviour of one field. They got their way and kept their magic numbers. Other systems expecting messages that met with the conventions of the overall meta-standard for data now have an additional development cost to cope with those magic numbers.

This is the reason for the focus on interoperability over just having standard data structures - it lets vendors continue to use their own proprietary data schemes, and raises a barrier to new participants in the market, not only do you have to implement all the standard interfaces to interoperate, but you probably also have to design in a "quirks" layer to cope with each vendors *special* variations.

Comment Re:Life has taught me (Score 1) 178

Cost : "between NAND and DRAM."

Even if it was cheaper to fab right now than NAND, they wouldn't admit it, because they'd be less able to charge a premium price for it. I'm betting that since it has a higher density than NAND and a simpler construction, it will probably end up cheaper than NAND in the longer run.

And DRAM is horribly expensive to fab. So "cheaper than DRAM" leaves a large window.

Right now they are pitching it at the enterprise storage market but that's only smart business - while they ramp up production capacity, get the highest price for it you can.

Comment Re:How? (Score 2) 378

You see it a lot more if you are searching for other types of content through less than legal means.

If you want to torrent something, you'll get pop-ups of webcam girls, porn sites, etc, that you didn't ask for and weren't in the market for. I imagine for the youth crowd, that's probably the main way they get exposed to it - they want to torrent the latest Iron Man movie, and they get pop-ups for Iron Dick.

Comment Re:How? (Score 5, Interesting) 378

Option C: Get a subscription with a newsgroup service for a fraction of the money a porn site will cost you, download as much as you like over a securely encrypted connection, have plausible deniability as to what the content was.

Option D: Get one of those P2P thingamajiganibobs

There are so many ways to get porn on the internet other than the vanilla website-and-a-subscription method.

And porn has the ultimate "Long Tail". There already exists enough digital porn for virtually anyone with a normal-ish kink spectrum to whack off to something new twice a day for the rest of their life. Even if you destroy the porn industry (which this won't, because not every jurisdiction is stupid), people will still trade and use porn, with impunity.

Comment Re:How? (Score 1) 378

In this country it used to be that under-18 year olds could only get a Solo or card, which a lot of places used as a basic age check.

But I read that our banks don't issue them any more because they weren't as widely accepted, because they didn't let you spend funds you didn't have access to.

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