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Comment Browser history (Score 2) 94

I've seen it, even if it only flicked up on screen in a fleeting glimpse while I was typing another URL.

I'm not sure if this was before "Privacy Mode" became common or not.

I fix this problem by only using NNTP for my porn needs... support staff don't usually download tools using your newsreader....

Comment Three words : content addressible storage (Score 2) 284

They *already* do this, not because they're scanning things, but because they index files on their hashes in the first place.

Remember "Dropship"? If you knew the hash of a file on Dropbox, you could "teleport" it into your Dropbox storage by using the API to tell Dropbox that you had a file with that hash locally. Since it got used for file-sharing, that was shut down - but it reveals that for de-duping purposes, Dropbox hashes all your files anyway.

It's a trivial matter to take that file, hash it, do a lookup in the table of files that belong to each user, and produce a list of the accounts. It's probably already been done for copyright-infringement suits.

No bulk scanning required. Just a lookup.

Comment $4B investment in laying off 2% of US Workforce (Score 2, Informative) 276

Truck drivers. There sure are a lot of them in the US.

Just how many will there be when you can slap a sensors and servos package on an existing vehicle and have it drive without pause, without pay, consuming 25% less fuel and requiring less maintenance and tyre changes? How many fewer truck stops, diners, mechanics, etc?

Comment Re:I've got good news! (Score 2) 146

Insurance guys are already just fine with putting a black box in your car that records all your movements and adjusting your premium according to how risky your driving profile is.

Any insurer that doesn't get on board with charging less for auto-cars that have a lower risk of crash is going to be undercut by someone else.

Comment Re:Summary of report (Score 1) 102

That's a power consideration.

But power is not a problem : people have been making pulse-jet powered UAVs for at least a decade. (no, the video is not a UAV, but the only UAV video I could find had no audio and the best thing about pulse jet videos is the audio).

You can make a pulse jet out of bent steel tubing. And because they're powerful, they can be heavy. Because they can run on liquid fuel, they can have endurance. They worked well enough in WWII - their main drawback was their guidance system was shit. Well, now you can buy a powerful computer designed to be integrated into other systems for $4.

Try fending off a swarm of multiple nap-of-earth flying 200MPH heavy payload cruise missiles powered by a pulse jet and a raspberry pi, launched from pickup trucks on a desert highway.

Comment Re:Not my money, yet (Score 2) 467

I think he was deliberately increasing the pain to increase his strength in Dark Side. He was already expressing doubts about his strength in the Dark Side for much of the movie, noting that the Light was pulling strongly on him.

In the end, when he had that confrontation on the bridge, he had to put his own life in jeopardy by convincing the guy he met to kill him in order to have the motivation to kill him. He's a bit conflicted, to say the least.

Comment Re:Version control? (Score 2) 107

Not necessarily anything conclusive. Commercial software providers can be somewhat hidebound about version control systems.

I wouldn't be surprised if they were using CVS, and if multiple people didn't have access to the repository storage. In which case it's pretty trivial to insert the code in a way where it's impossible to tell the origin.

Git with signed commits would be resistant to hiding the identity of the commit author, but a lot of corporations are paranoid about using it because of a perceived lack of control over it because the repository isn't on a single centrally controlled computer. (Which is silly, because anyone with read-access to the repository can siphon all the history off and copy it elsewhere anyway).

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