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Comment: Dark/depressing books by Greg Bear (Score 3, Informative) 1365

by Dr_Banzai (#40913705) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's the Most Depressing Sci-fi You've Ever Read?
Forge of God by Greg Bear could be considered depressing as it involves the destruction of Earth by inscrutable aliens. Its sequel Anvil of Stars is also rather dark in mood, involving an army of children on a long-term mission to find and take revenge on the Earth's unknown destructors.

Also very dark in tone is the thought-provoking short story Hardfought, also by Greg Bear, well worth a read.

Comment: Re:Seems most of you people missed "subversion" (Score 1) 321

by Dr_Banzai (#33677610) Attached to: Some Countries Want To Ban 'Information Weapons'

Seems like this would be a law against propoganda.... which is a great idea, isn't it?

We have libel and anti-defamation laws. How is this any different?

Domestic propaganda would not be covered by this law.

With no foreign ideas for competition, each country would intensify its efforts to brainwash its own citizens in whatever way it sees fit. (see: 1984)

Comment: Hameroff/Penrose model of quantum consciousness (Score 3, Interesting) 129

by Dr_Banzai (#32228208) Attached to: Quantum Entanglement and Photosynthesis
This finding seems to give support to the Orch-OR (orchestrated objective reduction) theory of quantum consciousness proposed by Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose. One of the main objections to the theory is that quantum coherence could not be sustained in the warm biological environment for sufficient duration. If quantum entaglement is a normal feature of photosynthesis, it's less of a stretch to believe that quantum coherence could be one of the mechanisms to give rise to consciousness in higher lifeforms.

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