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The Internet

DrWho520's Journal:, 1447 EDT 13AUG2008 1

Journal by DrWho520
Does anyone have any idea what is going on with The latest caching is from Jul 28, 2008 18:30:52 GMT. I have not been able to get to the site in weeks from work or home. Friends in Michigan are having troubles as well. I can find nothing revealing at Netcraft, though does not have an up-time chart. Is anyone else experiencing problems?

EDIT: 1659 EDT 15SEP08
Just saw this message posted on the site today. Do not know how long it has been up there.

I should have been more clear before, but here are the hosting details:
Bash is too big to be on a shared server.
We have a number of machines already, but are open to either colocating them or using a supplied machine.
Bandwidth is substantial but not ridiculous, remember we have no images, almost entirely text.
A trade or agreement can be made, but we try to:
A) keep the site free and clear of advertising clutter.
B) Not have substantial upkeep, as this is a hobby run by donated time and effort.

So, in effect, we offer some links to the host for their services, but no huge blocks of ads.
Thank you to everyone that has offered services thus far, there are too many to even respond to and we genuinely appreciate the support from this great community.

We'll be back up in a few days.
Interested in hosting us? Drop a line to "qdb-info" - AT -
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  • I haven't been there in a few days, but I have noticed that the rate of approved contributions had tapered off sharply in recent weeks. Guess we'll soon know if they'll go under or come back.

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