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Comment Some facts... (Score 4, Insightful) 696

In my long (over 30 year) career, I've never once seen anyone hired because they were male despite there being a more-able female candidate.
I'm not saying it doesn't happen - I've just never seen it.

On the other hand, I *have* seen a less-capable candidate hired because they were female.
I'm not saying it's common (not least because I don't think it is) - but I have seen it.

In my experience, whether you keep your reproductive organs internally or externally has exactly ZERO influence on how good your code is - so can we just cut all this SJW bullshit, and hire the best person for the job?

Comment Re:Old style (Score 1) 88

Firefox already has the mechanism to save pages for later (bookmarks)

A bookmark saves the *location* of a page, not the content. Next time you open that bookmark, the content may have changed (e.g most news sites' home pages are updated several times a day as new content is added)
Pocket, on the other hand, saves a "snapshot" of the content of the page as-is. Next time you go to it, it'll have the same content.

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