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Comment: Use two photon traps instead of a satellite (Score 1) 82

by DrTung (#42195717) Attached to: Scientists Race To Establish the First Links of a 'Quantum Internet'
Don't know the capacity of present day photon traps, but if they could squeeze in say a couple of petabytes of those quantum entangled photons simultaneously into two photon traps at location A, then FedEx one photon trap to location B, then as I understand it, you would enjoy 1 GBit/s instantaneous IPv4/IPv6 between location A and B (regardless of distance) for say one year. I.E. digging that new Atlantic cable might not be the only option for achieving even higher speed stock trading...

+ - MessageBox still alive in Metro->

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DrTung writes "I've downloaded and installed the Win8 developer preview and it looks great. However, contrary to popular beliefs, running Metrostyled apps on WinRT still has the legacy Win32 lurking underneath, as seen by a simple demo invoking MessageBox from a C++ Metro style program.

Now, it might well be Microsoft's intention for the future, to really get rid of the Win32 legacy stuff, but the keynote videos from the recently finished Build Windows conference shouldn't try to pretend that this purging already has taken place."

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