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Comment Re:I liked the cartoon that read: (Score 1) 662

<quote><p>Child invents Islamophobia detector.</p></quote>

But ironically when some asshole burns down a Synagogue and stabs a Rabbi, that's not labeled a hate crime? Go fuck yourself. Have some perspective. And he didn't INVENT anything, the little shit just repackaged an already existing clock. ...and I hate to break your bubble, bu that's a rudimentary beginning skill in bomb making, to re-purpose a clock.So yeah, people have right to be concerned.


Comment Re:A bit high (Score 1) 1040

who's ranting or insulting?

Again, just because it's a full time job, does not mean you get to reap the rewards that others enjoy. There's a simple solution for that, improve your skills and make like the Jeffersons....Movin' on up....

Let's face it, not everyone is meant to be a Fortune 500 CEO, and nobody is completely worthless....they can always serve as a bad example. That doesn't make me dis-compassionate, it just acknowledging the reality.

Comment Re:A bit high (Score 1) 1040

You ask that as if you're not supposed to have poor people.

News flash. Being successful is not a right. If you want to be successful you have to work for it, or be prepared to accept mediocrity. Life isn't "fair"...but it *IS* fair, because you get out of it what you put into it. Living and breathing does not give you access to the world's coffers.

Comment Re:A bit high (Score 1) 1040

If you think it wouldn't have an influence on inflation, then you're dumber than Obama looks.

I've lived through several minimum wage increases...and it's the same every time. The people at minimum wage are happier they get more money. The people just above minimum wage essentially get a paycut, now you have more people at the same wage, and there's money in the money supply, the cost of goods and services goes up in excess of standard inflation. More poor people are created as a result.

This is econ 101 stuff, not rocket science.

Comment Re:We have an advertising bubble... (Score 2) 154

...ahh but what you're forgetting is that Google already does that, and the catch...users do it willingly (Chrome, Docs, gmail...etc. etc. etc). They've really done a great job of positioning themselves such that their value-added services seem like a fair tradeoff to their users giving up their data.

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."