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Submission + - Student Designs Video Card single-handedly

An anonymous reader writes: A student is designing a cheap alternative to the Open Graphics Poject called project vga. Kerneltrap has an interview online asking about his motivations and when we can get our hands on one of these babies.
From the interview; "The first card will work with a traditional PCI connection, has a Xilinx Spartan 3 400k gate FPGA with 166MHz 16MB SDRAM connected through a 32 bit bus. To program the card, a JTAG programmer is embedded on the card, so you can reprogram it by using USB."
The site has some pictures detailing the assembly of the card. Looks very good.

RIAA Sues Stroke Victim in Michigan 328

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "The RIAA has now brought suit against a stroke victim in Michigan in Warner v. Paladuk. The defendant John Paladuk was living in Florida at the time of the alleged copyright infringement, and had notified the RIAA that he had not engaged in any copyright infringement. Despite the fact that Mr. Paladuk suffered a stroke last year (pdf), rendering him disabled, the RIAA commenced suit against him on February 27, 2007. Suing the disabled is not new to the RIAA. Both Atlantic v. Andersen in Oregon and Elektra v. Schwartz in New York were suits brought against disabled people who have never engaged in file sharing, and whose sole income is Social Security Disability. Both of these cases are still pending. The local Michigan lawyer being used by the RIAA in the Paladuk case is the same lawyer who was accused by a 15 year old girl of telling her what to say at her deposition in Motown v. Nelson. In the Warner v. Scantlebury case, after the defendant died during the lawsuit, the same lawyer indicated to the court that he was going to give the family '60 days to grieve' before he would start deposing the late Mr. Scantlebury's children."

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