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Comment: Context Ads Provide a Problem (Score 1) 292

by DrKC9N (#29892307) Attached to: Facebook To Preserve Accounts of the Dead
I think this is a good idea, as long as the "deceased" accounts are exempted from Facebook's recently implemented context ads. For those not familiar with them, on one's homepage, suggestions for wishing people a happy birthday or reconnecting with someone with whom you've not interacted for a while appear like ads in the right-hand column. However, in some cases, there is a good reason we haven't written on each others' walls in a while. Today, Facebook suggested to me that I reconnect with a dead friend of mine. While I'm not sensitive enough, nor was I close enough to this person, for it to be a emotional burden for me, I fear this could cause some distress for family and other close friends of the deceased. I hope that this new policy includes a more sensitive treatment of the dead person's account info and how it is used on other's Home pages.

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