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Comment: Re:They found similar structure on insects' wings (Score 0) 78

by DrChandra (#45563553) Attached to: Black Silicon Slices and Dices Bacteria
So instead of flying by depending on forming an aerodynamic vacuum above the wing, they are possibly also taking advantage of van der Waals forces to electrostatically bond their wing momentarily to the surrounding air molecules as they push themselves forward? For the dragonfly, it would be like swimming through a mass of metallic ping-pong balls, using magnetic paddles. I wonder if anyone has thought to look at the electrical capabilities of the dragonfly, and the Gecko, which more famously uses van der Waals forces to climb glass.

Comment: Re:reflects well (Score 1) 1223

by DrChandra (#41479889) Attached to: Torvalds Uses Profanity To Lambaste Romney Remarks
Honesty, yes, but how about journalistic integrity? Linus has since recanted his statements. The community doesn't look so good when it repeats older parts of a changing story. It also doesn't do Linus any good to keep characterizing him based on his first statements. He would probably rather be judged on what was said in it's entirety. Slashdot does not look good putting this across with this headline. This is how media bias is practiced.

Comment: Wait, ... what? (Score 1) 187

by DrChandra (#41180359) Attached to: Is an International Nuclear Fuelbank a Good Idea?
What if all the countries that sign up are ones that only want to make withdrawals? Who puts the uranium in the bank vault, and why would they want to do so? Sounds like a uranium supply company, not a bank. Perhaps set it up as an international public utility, if we can't stand to have more than one supply company. If we *can* allow competition, then how is that different from what we have right now? Maybe we should review the nuclear non-proliferation rules, and see if we can ease some restrictions that pertain to reactor fuel. I can't be the first to think of that, so that's not do-able, for some reason. Maybe they think the fuel consumers can't be trusted to refrain from enriching new fuel into weapons-grade material. Wait, if that is our fear now, how is this bank going to be any different? A country uses the bank to get fuel, and then they enrich it. We tell them to stop, and then we get the Saddam Hussein run-around, where our inspectors can never find the fuel we think they have. That or the fuel gets stolen, lost, or buried in the desert somewhere. I think we can see why this won't work.

Comment: What? (Score 1) 200

Where did we begin to think we have a right to not be filmed when we are out in public? Take the Air Force out of the equation, and there is no issue here. A cop with a dash-cam gets a lot closer than any drone can, and he can film you legally and collect evidence without engaging any Posse Comitatus issues. Besides, any reasonably competent defense attorney could get military-sourced surveillance evidence thrown out. Move along. Nothing to see here.

Comment: Wrong Solution (Score 1) 377

by DrChandra (#38518840) Attached to: Volkswagen Turns Off E-mail After Work-Hours

They are trying to use a technical solution to address a social problem. Train the people to be professional and respectful of their co-workers' time and the problem will take care of itself. Besides, if my incoming emails become too troublesome, I adjust my notifications, and deal with the emails when I need to, not when they arrive. I don't want the company controlling that valve for me. It's a clumsy way to try to address the problem.

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