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Comment: Re:Why bother? (Score 1) 847

he had sex with a woman who was asleep, thus unable to consent.

Sorry, I don't give a flying fuck about that guy Assange but I have to intervene here: that idea that screwing a girl in Sweden who's asleep makes you guilty of rape is revolting bullshit that need to stop being thrown around. This entire thing has been discussed on reddit for instance here. As I wrote there:

The relevant part of the Swedish criminal code has been translated here and the wording makes it perfectly clear that what is punished as rape is the fact of having sex with someone, knowing that the person would not consent to it should this said person be aware of what was going on (e.g., said person was asleep, passed out, etc).

Basically this is a perfectly common and sensible definition of rape, that is probably valid in any western country, and does obviously not include things like making love to a girl you're in bed with while she's asleep, especially if she doesn't ask you to stop when she awakes. The Swedes are not crazy and it is ludicrous to attribute them insane laws like that.

Please for the love of the flying shit stop repeating such ridiculous nonsense this is hurting my gulliver.

Comment: Re:Luddite (Score 1) 443

by DrBoumBoum (#40916131) Attached to: This Is What Wall Street's Terrifying Robot Invasion Looks Like

Put a 1% tax on the sale price (not gains) for any stock which is held for less than 1 minute. HFT will instantly disappear.

I used to fancy on the idea of a 0.1% tax on any stock or financial product held for less than 1 month, or possibly 1 week. Would it make sense? I have the feeling it would rid us of any kind of speculation in a very short time and would possibly bring finance back to its true use, which is to provide funds to the economy. What would the drawbacks of such a system be?

Comment: Re:Precaution principle anyone? (Score 1) 178

by DrBoumBoum (#40652581) Attached to: Chicken Vaccines Combine To Produce Deadly Virus

that doesn't mean that the benefits doesn't vastly outweigh the risks

Even that part is not obvious, with vaccines like MMRV which may delay the outbreak of diseases to adulthood instead of keeping it restrained to childhood as it was. But slahshdotters don't like complex answers. It's so much more comfortable when everything can be expressed in terms of radioactive bananas.

Comment: Re:How do 2 dead viruses combine into 1 living one (Score 2) 178

by DrBoumBoum (#40651751) Attached to: Chicken Vaccines Combine To Produce Deadly Virus

Viruses are not decidedly living nor dead as far as we can tell. They are more like parasites to living cells but cannot be defined as living by themselves as they do nothing a living being does (in particular eating). They are "deactivated" in a vaccine, i.e., they have their most "toxic" part removed.

Also you should not have been downvoted for asking a genuine question.

Comment: Re:Hang on a second... (Score 1, Insightful) 286

by DrBoumBoum (#39900853) Attached to: British Prime Minister To Announce Porn Blocking Plans

BTW, anyone reading this who has to hide porn from the So, should sit down and talk to there So about it, right now. Make a decision, either get comfortable watching it, or decide not to watch it.

I do wank as much as I want and nobody needs to know anything about it, wife included. She's not interested in it anyway, no more than she's interested in the stench of my shit. I'm perfectly comfortable with it. May I humbly suggest that you and your likes go fuck yourselves?

A committee is a group that keeps the minutes and loses hours. -- Milton Berle