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by angel'o'sphere (#47420967) Attached to: Will Google's Dart Language Replace Javascript? (Video)

As long as it is only compiled to JavaScript and there is no wide adopted Dart VM in "real Browsers" it is not silly.
my browsers certainly don't run Dart natively, so I can only use Dart code that was compiled to JavaScript, hence it is as fast or slower than JavaScript (and yes, I'm aware of the Dart project ... only arguing about the over simplifications some people do here).

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by angel'o'sphere (#47420785) Attached to: Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

becasue the countries the would rise up would be all enviro friendly and not use petroleum
How should be a country like Argentinia, Brazil, North Korea or any other be in a different shape, economic and energy wise if the USA had not existed the previous decades?

You make no sense.

You notice Chinas population kept going up over the lat 40 years? it was 600 million in 1960, and now it's 1.3 billion.

It was enforced draconically. I wonder how you can not know that. Even with only one child per family obviously over 40 years you get a dramatic increase.

"Or just some stupid fag? "
stop it.

He is a stupid fag ... so what is your problem, that I'm so unpolite to point it out? Idiots like him we don't need in discussion like this ... and certainly not in a position where they can influence the way the world goes!

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by angel'o'sphere (#47419943) Attached to: Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

Every means of power production has the exact same loss in transmissions!
So the argumemt makes no sense! and no, 6% - 7% is jot really significant, considering that the nuclear plant next door has the same loss.
Solar power installation cost is now somewhere in the range of 70 euro - cent per kW, that is roughly 55 dollar cents.
Even without subsidiezing it is pretty on par with coal,power now, in production.

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by angel'o'sphere (#47418827) Attached to: Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

So what exactly are you? A moron? A complete dick? Or just some stupid fag? Or simply a racist?
Nothing we could have done in the last 100 years would have made a bit of difference with respect to what you mention.
We could have spend the amount of money we put into nuclear power into solar power. Solar thermal plants don't require a certain technology level. Instead of subsidizing nuclear and using coal for load following we had now a working low cost (energy for free) society.
Well, except possibly for doing something to reduce eastern population booms by a few billion people.
And for what effect? Considering that whole China had a lower CO2 footprint than the USA till 2012.
Frankly, nuking the USA and killing every one there has exactly the same effect as killing 1.5 billion chinese, NOW. But killing the whole of USA 50 years ago would change the current situation dramatically.
The couple hundred million people in the west with the economic latitude to pursue the type of stuff laid out in TFA won't make a bit of change,
Completely wrong, as the couple of western civilizations together produce 75% of the green house gases. ... plowing down rainforest in Central and South America. But you do know that a forrest has no effect on the CO2 level, or not? If it regrows it 'consumes' exactly the amount it yielded when it was burned?
Well, I guess you don't know such simple facts or you would not write such nonsense.
You want any of this to change? Stop having so many babies in places that can't afford them. But you do know that China has a single child policy since nearly 40 years, you do or not? You do know that the population in Africa is constant since decades? Well, I assume you don't know anything that is happening outside of your fantasy world ...

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Depends on your country and energy usage pattern.
The peak in Germany is not at between 5 and 8 at evening/night.
Also you are somehow fixated in your mind on solar PV, hence your demand for batteries. The future will favour solar thermal solutions much more, which can run overnight via heat reservoirs.
And as mentioned before: evening and night time is prime time for wind. It does not matter that solar PV plants decline then in power production. Result: the imagined demand for (better) batteries is overrated. Especially as long as we in Germany are far from being able to fulfill demand/load on the grid with renewables alone.
However when we have days where renewables will deliver more than100% of the load, and we can not sell the excess production, THEN we have to think if it is worthwhile to store the excess energy somehow.
You mix up personal installations, where you use your own power, and perhaps like to have some of that at night, with large scale installations by/for energy companies.

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by angel'o'sphere (#47409013) Attached to: IEEE Spectrum Ranks the Top Programming Languages

What is your problem?
Standard SQL (1986/1999) is not turing complete.
The articles you linked are not about standard SQL but about modern derivates, no idea if they 'just yesterday' became an agreed standard (which is not adopted yet, and from which is unclear which vendor will when implement what of it). And I don't care. I'm not particular interested in using SQL for solving programming problems.
Your initial statement was provably false, and you're simply unable to admit your error.
No, it was not!
Google: is SQL turing complete
So simple, 100ds of articles showing you that I'm right.
But good luck with your insulting attitude, you might need that luck.

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Wind power actually is very reliable if you chose a place fitting it ... ever heard about off shore?
Wind energy is cost wise on par with coal in Germany right now. Long term wind and tidal energy will be the cheapest. There are no real alternative.

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