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Comment: Re:The next WoW Expansion... (Score 1) 259 259

"We have nothing to advertise for the new MMO because itâ(TM)s a shell of a game thus far. Weâ(TM)ve already stated itâ(TM)ll be a brand new franchise, which means the lore, art, and game play are being developed entirely from scratch. Itâ(TM)s an overwhelming process, but a process through which we excel. Our track record supports this." ...response from Blizzard community manager Zarhym clarifying that Blizzard's unannounced fifth project is an MMOG based on an entirely new intellectual property. "The idea of a new franchise is very intriguing to employees of the company," said Blizzard chief operating officer Paul Sams..." That enough for you?

Comment: Re:The next WoW Expansion... (Score 1) 259 259

Flying at 60 now too... And there is RUMOR that people with max level characters will be able to roll new characters starting at a higher level... They already allow you to share weapons and armor that have higher level stats with your lower level characters.

Comment: Re:Can't trust Roper (Score 2, Interesting) 12 12

Ah... But Bill isn't holding all of the cards with this game. The real player at this table is Jack Emmert. Bill was handed the stering wheel of a car that was well on it's way down the road in November (only 6 months people) so Jack could turn his focus to Cryptic's other MMO, Star Trek.

Comment: Genndy Tartakovsky (Score 1) 603 603

I've said that the Clone Wars series that had originally aired on Cartoon Network between 2 and 3, was the best thing to come out of the pre-quels. Then to go and do it all in craptacular computer animated terribleness... It makes me sick. Genndy Tartakovsky's rendition was beautiful.

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