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Comment: Bitch, bitch, bitch (Score 2, Funny) 150

by Dr. Zim (#45975037) Attached to: How To Make 96,000lbs of WWII Machinery Into High-Tech Research Platform

I'm one of those Americans that HAS traveled abroad and I cordially invite you to create your own *technical* site with whatever units of measurement you see fit. The fact that you're even able to complain about this 'problem' is due to DARPA. You know them, they're the US agency responsible for the development of the internet.

Everyone wants to bitch about our units of measurement, but nobody seems to have any trouble accepting our units of currency.

Comment: Re:How long ... (Score 1, Insightful) 69

by Dr. Zim (#45102277) Attached to: Sensor Characteristics Uniquely Identify Individual Phones

Because we're not all judgmental pricks that think our way is the only way to live. When my 81 year old mother needs a ride to the store, I want her to call me. When my daughter misses the bus home and I'm at a client site, I want her to call me. Just because you're happy to be incommunicado, doesn't make that an option for people with responsibilities. Go pat yourself on the back for being a Ludite and crawl back in your hole.

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