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Submission + - A Chicago man arrested for uploading 24 (

dkholm writes: "According to Yahoo News, federal agents have arrested a 24-year-old Chicago man for violation of copyright in uploading the first four episodes of season six of Fox's 24 to The uploads hit the Internet a week before the programs aired. The man faces up to three years in prison."

Submission + - Wii to Get New Hardware: Possibly Hard Drive

HoboBob writes: "It has been suggested that Nintendo will be unveiling some new hardware for the Wii at E-3, and some are speculating that it could be a hard drive. According to the article: 'Confirmation back in April that Neo Geo games will begin being added to Wii's Virtual Console download service adds weight to the speculation, considering Neo Geo games are huge — some clocking in it at up to 330MB. One of those bad boys would put serious strain on the Wii's memory.'"

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