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Comment: The problems is... (Score 1) 396

by fahrbot-bot (#48224439) Attached to: Employers Worried About Critical Thinking Skills

While many companies claim to want people with critical-thinking skills, they quite often don't want their employees exercising those skills. Someone who thinks too critically about an issue and raises a concern is often criticized as not being a "team player" (a phrase I actually despise because its often misuse).

I have, a few times, been accused of not being a "team player" because I've raised concerns about an issue. After almost 30 years as a Unix system admin/programmer, my standard reply is now: Part of my job is to review issues and make recommendations. As my employer/manager, you are certainly free to ignore my recommendations, but if somethings goes wrong because you did, I am going to say "I told you so." All my managers have been okay with this - so far...

Comment: In related news ... (Score -1) 330

by fahrbot-bot (#48218689) Attached to: NY Doctor Recently Back From West Africa Tests Positive For Ebola

... Fox News and Republicans apoplectic with Obama. Wait, did I say "news" - sorry.

[ Just saw Megyn Kelly on The Kelly File talking about this - so pretty, but so stupid. And in other surprising news, she's a blond on Fox News. Wait, did I say "surprising news" - damn. Again, sorry. ]

Ya, you don't like it, but know I'm right... :-)

Comment: Just on a computer? But, but, but... (Score 2) 164

...any British person deemed to have carried out an unauthorised act on a computer that resulted in damage to human welfare, the environment, the economy or national security in any country would face a possible life sentence.

What about politicians that do the same thing? Oh, I guess that would an "authorized" act. Never mind.

[ Man, oh man, if we could jail politicians for damaging the economy, environment or human welfare here in the U.S. ...]

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It's similarly illegal to study gun violence under a US public health research grant, even though every other class of mortality is nominally okay.

More pointedly, the US keeps statistics on deaths from gun violence, except the number of people killed by police. From: List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States

Although Congress instructed the Attorney General in 1994 to compile and publish annual statistics on police use of excessive force, this was never carried out, and the FBI does not collect this data either.

Note: This was recently covered by The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

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What makes you think our government gives a shit about anything other than grabbing more power?

I'm not sure that sentiment makes sense - or ever has. The Government already has *all* the power, should it wish to exercise it. They make, interpret and enforce (or not) all the rules. All it takes is good people not doing anything to stop bad people.

For example. The Supreme Court recently decided that Freedom of Speech over-rides any argument for a buffer-zone around abortion clinics (and, I believe, other places), but strictly enforces a buffer-zone around the steps of the Supreme Court.

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... Facebook will also track your progress in Softball games using GPS and your last location on the field, if you've opted in to the Facebook Knows Where You Are at All Times product, to generate a notification when it thinks you've crossed a base or home. If you're safe, you can select "I'm Safe" and a notification and News Feed story will be generated with your updated stats.

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