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Comment Re:Priceless (Score 1) 108

No it isn't.

The web has video that works these days, yes. This is progress. It also has platforms like Twitter and Facebook that encourage ordinary people to publish and hyperlink to things, even if those people are not wordsmiths and would never have had a regular blog.

Despite all these wonderful new things, I have not noticed people suddenly ceasing to write long form articles. It's been purely additive.

Comment Are they sure? (Score 4, Interesting) 107

I didn't actually see any evidence of Facebook censoring content because it's insulting to Ataturk on the linked page. The "evidence" appears to be a document that doesn't mention Facebook anywhere, but, let's take it as read that this really is a list of Facebook content abuse standards.

Even with that assumption, things related to Turkey are not listed as always banned. They are under a section labelled "escalate", meaning, if it gets hot, send it to management.

It may well be that Facebook has decided to enforce Turkish laws about this in order to get themselves unbanned there. But it may also be that upper management just wants more precise control over this hot potato. Once I see a clear message from Facebook saying a group was suspended for violating Turkish censorship laws, then I'll agree.

Comment Re:The Firefox OS project needs to be terminated. (Score 1) 98

In fact, as a developer, Firefox OS is much more closed to me than Android or iOS are.


The problem with FirefoxOS can be summed up in one word: web. The Mozilla guys have NEVER accepted that the web is a shitty platform. The closest they ever came to that was inventing XUL and XBL, but I read that they have been trying to move away from them for a long time in favour of (gah) HTML 5.

Android and iOS utterly spank FirefoxOS because the engineers who built them have no starry-eyed ideological driven illusions about web technologies. Android manages to be open through the clever trick of .... wait for it .... being open source. Not marriage to a more or less randomly evolved technology stack. iOS simply doesn't care: it's an explicit non-goal for them.

Mozilla will continue to waste effort on ridiculous projects like this until they accept the fundamental truth that Javascript is not the worlds best language, HTML is not a particularly great layout language and CSS is not a great styling language. And the combination of all of them is less than the sum of its parts.

Comment My last 3 android phones have had this feature (Score 0) 70

Taking and transcribing voicemail? My last 3 phones, all Android and going back at least four years, have had this feature. Is Apple really that far behind, that this feature comes out as News, and what's more, implies that they invented it?

Christ, does anyone editing this site actually keep up with technology?

Comment Re:Startup management subsystem (Score 1) 391

If Poettering uses the same communication methods as everyone else for managing his highly used open source project, then systemd is doing this because it can only get ahead without feedback.

If, OTOH, Poettering goes so far as to organize a public conference on his project, then his project is "doing too much".

Did you ever think, perhaps, that the conference is a way to get commentary and feedback on a project that's thus far been fairly controversial (largely for ridiculous reasons by people who think sysv init is a good idea?)

Comment Re:Win10 is worse than Win8 (Score 1) 478

Good for you... most people have accepted them in return for free stuff.

Yeah, but Windows isn't free unless you're a member of their beta testing program. Windows 10 is a "free" upgrade, but that means you don't have to pay an additional fee for the update from your current version, not that you don't have to buy Windows to begin with.

I don't want any functionality that was present in Windows 7 to be ad-burdened in 10, even if it is just Freecell.


I think a better complaint would have been that this seems to be mostly a misrepresentation of what Microsoft is doing, not that "most people don't care" (so we shouldn't?)

Comment Re:List of privacy violations (Score 1) 183

From what I could see, the features that actually invade privacy are optional. The collage was highly misleading, including such things as "Windows Update being mandatory" and "Malware protection only being able to turn off temporarily" as "privacy violations" when they're actually both just things that suck.

Comment Re:Button to open system settings (Score 1) 367

Personally I rather liked the 8.1 way, which was kinda similar to how Android does things if you haven't set a preference yet - applications could cause a dialog to appear that showed them the available applications to do X and set one of them as the default.

I'd like Microsoft to change it back to that. Who knows, if we put enough pressure on them, rather than demand they stop beating their wives, they might do it.

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