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Submission + - heAD Hunted by Google?

SafariShane writes: I use gmail for everything, everything mail related anyway. I forward probably about 10 different accounts there, from a slew of domains. My messages run the gamut from ebay stuff to java related work emails. Recently, I started noticing in my gmail web clips (that little rss reader at the top) advertisements... for jobs with google. Now I know that google uses targeted advertising, but just how directed are these ads? Could the future of finding appropriate candidates be as simple as finding someone based on the contents of their email? And is that spooky?

Google India is Hiring — — QA Engineers with great aspirations. Send your resume now!

I'd be willing to bet that a good majority of /. readers that use gmail are seeing these ads. I have to imagine it's simply looking for folks with a lot of xml attachments or java code samples. But how refined will this be in 10 years? Someday, I may be able to source candidates based on a tech savy score for any type of programming language, protocol, or hardware experience. I can almost imagine telling the google to target the top 1% of your users who are familiar with callxml.

It can't be that great yet, because I live near the bay area, not India. Maybe too many folks on some of my tech mailing lists are from India, so google correlates. I for one won't be shocked when I start seeing ads in my email for any tech company within a 25 mile radius. Heck, I won't be shocked when I start seeing legitimate offers in those clips. It's coming, are you seeing them too?

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