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Comment Re:Lose lose situation... (Score 1) 394

It's hard to imagine how they could refuse him entry.

"Give us your passwords or we won't let you go."

"Am I under arrest?"


"Am I free to go?"


"Do you know what it means to be under arrest?"

"You're not under arrest, you're being detained."

"Oh, I see, a different word is being used. That makes it okay then."

"Why am I being detained?"

"We can't tell you."

"Can I watch while you use my passwords?"


"What if you insert sensitive material on my computer?"


"I don't know, the stuff you're looking for?"


"Can I have a lawyer?"


"I refuse to talk further."

"You must talk, else you'll make it VERY HARD ON YOURSELF."

"Don't I have the right to remain silent or something?"


"Ok, here's my political life on file, feel free to screw it all up. Can I have your name to sue you if you leak sensitive information?"


"It's a good thing you're letting me go after examining my data... my constituents have potholes which need filling!"

Comment Lose lose situation... (Score 1) 394

I'm very disappointed that he capitulated. What about the privacy of everyone who's corresponded with him? Business plans for land use? Negotiations on zoning or leniency granted to companies for failure to comply with ordinances? Political strategies and information on opponents? Resumes, performance reviews, salary information of staff?

On the other hand, it looks bad if a politician can't be "clean enough" to hand over his computers to authorities. Even if those authorities are underpaid, undertrained thugs which demand all kinds of rights, but take no responsibility for their failure to protect people.

They put him in a very, very awkward position.

Comment Re:I feel you... (Score 1) 283

I only upgraded my 4s because work gave me a 6.

I have a shoe box of Android, Nokia and Blackberry phones which always left me waiting for it to be fixed in the next model. I found a use for my Motorola though.... It's great for powering Arduino projects.

The 4s looks like it's going to become my jogging and travel phone. GPS is great and battery is still 1.5 days. Less conspicuous too.

Comment Re:Cowburp (Score 1) 299

"My posts are no more loaded than yours"

That was my first post on the site in weeks and it contained nothing but facts and links to reputable sources.

You're the one who referred to the EPA as a "dread lock crew." It's an argument which would give you an F in grade 9 science class. Mods like it though.

Comment Cowburp (Score 0) 299

This is methane, not CO2, so sequestering carbon isn't relevant.

"Pound for pound, the comparative impact of CH4 on climate change is 25 times greater than CO2 over a 100-year period."

FTA: "And because 3NOP boosted the digestibility of nutrients in the feed, the cows that received the supplement actually gained more weight than cows that received none. "

It might actually be useful in meat production. Headline is misleading. Meh.

Comment Using it for 2 years as the default (Score 1) 165

It's getting better. Most of the time I don't need to Google, but if I'm having trouble, I add g! to the beginning of my search and Google adds a data point to my advertising profile, but I get a second opinion, usually not very helpful.

DDG seems too good to be true really. I wonder if they're *really* not watching.

Comment Re:rip-off (Score 1) 296

I passed the CCNA in 99, tried to re-do it back in 2013 to get the Cisco Security cert, but the CCENT->CCNA exam is much, much harder than the old CCNA.

It's the only exam I've failed, the time crunch on the simulated command lines are just too much. Unless you're getting lots of on-the-job experience, it's brutal, and the WAN tech is irrelevant for most networking. I know the material, I'm just not fast enough.

It bothers me when people diminish other people's accomplishments, or discount people because of their education and certifications. If you don't have the certs, I know that you have gaps in your basic product knowledge. If you don't have the education, I have to wonder why.

For the AC, I would expect a line on his resume around the education section, FAR below experience saying something like:


Any more prominent, and yeah, it's either an entry-level resume or the guy's not a good candidate. 3Com and Solaris should only be there if the job calls for it. It's niche and the 2 words on your resume to add them aren't worth it. I have lots of useless expired certs too.

Comment Re:Crackers for fuck sake (Score 3, Insightful) 40

A cracker is also a white guy with a whip. I would cringe if somebody referred to a criminal hacker kid from the Southern U.S. as a "cracker"

The criminal hacker as a "cracker" was coined 30 years ago and still hasn't caught on. It's up there with Gnu/Linux as relevant.

OTOH, Hackerspaces and the maker movement have done a good job at changing the meaning of 'hacker' to include both worlds. Hackerspaces are somehow more approachable and understandable to the media and general public.

"Now this is a totally brain damaged algorithm. Gag me with a smurfette." -- P. Buhr, Computer Science 354